Marriage can be a wonderful thing, especially when a husband and wife take their vows seriously and truly learn to love honor and cherish one another. But even in the best of marriages, there will be times when couples won't always agree.

To get any marriage to flourish, invite God to be a part of it. God will do all he can to help your marriage. All that is required of you is to ask him for it. These nine things you can plead to God for in prayer that can help your marriage.

1. God's guidance

Not only does God see the bigger picture, but he knows your heart and the heart of your companion. He knows what both of you need and what you desire. He knows your weaknesses and your strengths. He knows your thoughts and your motivations.

God has all the knowledge you need to help your marriage. If you ask for his guidance, he can help you know the steps to take to help strengthen your relationship with your spouse. Ask for God's guidance and listen to his spirit before making your decisions.

2. An increase of strength

You do not have to rely on your own strength to withstand the difficulties that may come in a marriage. God strengthens and helps you accomplish whatever task is required. He can give you the courage to have a difficult conversation, the strength to care for an ill spouse, and the ability to overcome heartache. God can give you the strength to rise above whatever conflicts or trials make their way into your marriage.

3. An understanding heart

Many conflicts arise in marriage because of a lack of understanding. It is difficult to put ourselves in the place of another because we are not them. We do not think like they do and we have not had the experiences that have shaped their perceptions. Because of this, it is important that when we are asking God for help, we ask him to give us an understanding heart. We need the ability to understand our spouse so we are more able to relate to them.

4. Wisdom

Wisdom is not just having knowledge; it's being able to make good judgments. Because we are human, we are constantly making judgments. Sometimes, those judgments are unfair because they are based on our perceptions rather than actual reality.

In marriage, it is important that we gather all the facts before we make any judgment calls. This requires real communication with your spouse where you're not afraid to be honest and open with one another. Open communication will give you knowledge and as you pray for wisdom, you will be able to use that knowledge to make good and fair judgments calls.

5. A spirit of peace

Contention can destroy any marriage. Asking God for a spirit of peace will help give you the ability to face conflict without the contention. It will give you the desire to correct the problem without wanting to seek revenge or hurt your partner. When you face contention with a spirit of peace, you're better at listening. You also give your companion the same opportunity.

6. A disposition to see good

When you are living with someone, it is easy to start seeing all their faults. It is difficult, however to see the good qualities of a person if you are constantly focusing on the bad. Ask God to help you see the good in your spouse. The good qualities become your focus and the things that annoy you tend to get smaller and smaller. Just like the lens on a camera, what you are focused on becomes your reality.

7. An attitude of gratitude

Showing gratitude for your spouse is one of the greatest things you can do for them. Everyone loves to feel important to someone and as you show your gratitude for your spouse, you are letting them see exactly what they mean to you. Ask God to help you show gratitude, not only for who they are, but for what they do for you. Not only will you strengthen your relationship, but you will live a happier life.

8. A willingness to forgive

In every marriage, there are going to be times when your spouse is going to do something that you are going to have to forgive him for. There are also going to be times when you are going to require the same forgiveness from him. The truth is, if you want your spouse to forgive your weaknesses, it is important that you are willing to forgive his. Forgiving is not always easy, but if you ask God for help, you will have the ability to forgive and to be forgiven.

9. The capacity to love

Love keeps your marriage together. When everything around you seems to be falling apart, it is the love that you share with your spouse that will help you keep things together. You can overcome every obstacle together as long as there is love between you. When your marriage starts to struggle, ask God, above all, to help you love your spouse. If you feel the love is gone, ask God to help you get it back. Love doesn't just help the world go round; love is the heart of marriage.

God is ready and willing to help your marriage. With his help, you can not only strengthen your marriage, but you can change your life, and he's only a prayer away.

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