As a parent, I feel as though all I do is repeat myself over and over again! Clean your room, brush your teeth, say your prayers, do your homework, and the list goes on and on. But there are certain things that NEED to be repeated. I sat down with Scottee, my 10-year-old daughter, to put together an important list to discuss with our children:

1. Nobody is allowed to touch your body anywhere your swimsuit covers

Where your swimsuit covers is private and needs to remain that way, always.

2. No keeping secrets from your parents

Even if another adult tells you to keep a secret from your parents, you do not keep secrets. Another adult should NEVER tell you to not tell your parents.

3. All children, as young as possible, need to have their phone number, address and 9-1-1 memorized.

We need to repeat this information to our children over and over. Also, keep in mind where you leave your cell phone if you don't have a landline, so your children know where to find it.

4. Never go with anyone without telling your parents

Even if you think they would be OK with it, you do not go!

5. If you feel frightened by another adult who is coming near you or trying to talk to you, scream "STRANGER!"

Do not scream "No," because others might think you are just telling your parents that.

6. If someone makes you feel uncomfortable or the least a bit nervous inside, there is ZERO problem with saying "no" and walking away.

Trust your GUT!

7. Have a secret password that only your siblings and parents know

That way if someone other than your parent needs to pick you up from somewhere (even if you know them well) you can ask for the password and IF they know it... you can feel comfortable to get in the car with them. After you have used that password, you need to change it.

8. If you get lost in a public place, either yell or find a mother with children to help you find your parent.

9. You will NEVER be in trouble for telling your parents something that is scary or if something happened to you.

I don't like to teach my children with fear so I keep these rules low-key but in a very serious voice. We need to remember most people are good, wonderful people. There is just those few we HAVE to teach our kids to beware of.

Editor's note: This article was originally published on Million Ways to Mother. It has been republished here with permission

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