We've spent a lifetime using some products wrong and making our lives harder than they should be. As it turns out, things we use every day have the most clever uses. Find out which ones you've been using wrong your whole life:

1. The blue part of the eraser

Most of us thought the red end was for erasing pencil marks and the blue end was for erasing pen marks. It turns out that both sides are actually used for pencil marks, just on different kinds of paper. The red is meant to erase marks on thin paper, whereas the blue end is used to erase dark marks on heavier paper.

2. The hole in the soda can lid

That hole in the lid isn't for decoration. The carbonation in your soda can make your straw rise, and that hole is there to help it stay put.

3. The loop in the back of your shirts and coats

This small loop on the back of your shirts and coats has a purpose - use it to hang up your clothing.

4. The hole in the noodle spoon

I always thought that ridiculous hole in the middle of the spoon was to get rid of excess water when cooking pasta. However, this hole is actually there to help you measure out portions. Who knew?

5. The horizontal buttonhole at the top of your shirt

Buttonholes on a shirt are all vertical except for the top one. That part of the shirt is usually the tightest since it is right below your neck. The horizontal buttonhole prevents the button from coming undone.

6. The small pocket in your pants

That tiny pocket you've been using for coins and other small things had a specific purpose when it was first designed by Levi's. It was originally used as a safe place to store a pocket watch.

7. The folds in paper condiment containers

The paper cups that hold your condiments fold out to make room for more of your favorite dressings. Save yourself a few trips back to the condiment dispenser by folding out the edges and loading up!

8. The hole in the frying pan's handle

That hole at the end of your pot or pan's handle isn't to hang it on the wall (though that is a great use for it). It's actually used for propping up spoons while you're cooking.

9. The tabs on the sides of the aluminum foil box

If you push inward on the tabs at the end of the box, it will lock the roll. Now you don't have to struggle with the aluminum foil roll flying out while you try to pull off a sheet.

The true uses for these products are meant to save you time and make your life a little easier. If you've been using these things wrong, that's OK - now you know how to use them correctly.

This article is adapted and translated from the original, "10 cosas que hemos estado usando mal, toda la vida; te prometo que te sorprenderás." It was originally published on familias.com.

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