There is nothing worse than a fussy teething baby keeping you up through all hours of the night. Cuddling and rocking your sweet baby may temporarily ease their pain, but the arrival of baby teeth is a painful experience on their weak little gums.

Next time your baby has a teething fit, try one of these safe ways to soothe their pain:

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Teething jewelry

Moms understand anything within their child's reach, including their hair, will be played with, tangled and pulled. Fortunately there are companies that make specialized jewelry made from FDA-approved silicone that are free from phthalates, BPA, latex and lead that can harm your baby. This way, you can sport a stylish necklace that your baby can chew to soothe aching gums.

Chamomile tea frozen rag

Soak a clean rag in chamomile tea and then place the soaked rag in a Ziploc bag and freeze for a couple of hours. Once frozen, allow your fussy baby to be soothed by the taste of chamomile and enjoy a cold rag massage on their sore gums.

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Finger massage

This is the most inexpensive and quickest way to help relieve your baby's pain. Clean your fingers and gently apply a counter-pressure on their gums to help ease the pain.

Eat cold foods

Cold and smooth foods such as applesauce, yogurt or a smoothie can help chill the irritation in your baby's gums. In the wake of your baby's next tantrum try offering them a cold treat.

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Flat Toys

Regardless of whether your baby is teething or not, they are constantly looking to find something they can get their mouths on to chew. To help eliminate weird and sharp angles from puncturing already tender gums, have flat toys for your baby to play with.

Infant pain relievers and oral gels

Baby Orajel is free from benzocaine, alcohol and dyes making instant relief safe and effective when applied properly. The active ingredient in the Orajel is eugenol, found from the oil of the clove plant. This oil is a known antiseptic, analgesic, antibacterial and has anesthetic benefits.

For infant pain relievers found over the counter, parents should consult their local physicians about safety precautions and dosage recommendations.

Machine-washable plush toys

A soft plush toy that is safe for your baby to chew on will be a pleasant sensation on their tender gums.

Mesh Feeders

Place a small portion of bananas, grapes, apples or strawberries into a mesh feeder and freeze them. When your baby is fussy, pull out the mesh feeder and relish a quiet moment while your baby enjoys a tasty treat and a cool sensation on his gums.


Sometimes all your baby needs is a fun distraction. Try rocking them, or taking them to a local park to swing. Or, try a dip in the pool or draw up a warm tub to let your baby splash and play around. Whatever your distraction is, a temporary mental break from the pain may be all they need.

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