These apps are going to be your best friend when your bundle of joy arrives (or even before they do). From the ridiculously practical to the practically ridiculous, you might not believe all these apps actually exist. But the funny part is, you will probably end up downloading at least one!

All are available on Apple devices with some available with Android.

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Kick to Pick

Naming your little peanut can be pretty daunting. After all, it's the name you will lovingly whisper as he or she slumbers on in dreamland, but it also has to sound good when you scream it over the crowds at Disneyland. To cut out some stress, let you own baby pick their name! Download this app and place your phone on your baby bump. When your baby kicks, the app will stop on a name, thus letting your child pick it out on their very own title.

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Baby Reminder

The description basically says it all: "Baby reminder app reminds you not to forget your baby in the car." The app gives you a reminder once you arrive at your destination" Parents have a lot on their mind, but is an app really necessary to let you know you have a child?

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Baby Shusher

This particular download calms your screaming child with a rhythmic shushing sound. You can even customize the shushing so for 15 minutes (or up to 8 full hours) Mom, Dad, or even Grandma can shush the baby asleep. It seems a touch ridiculous, but the reviews are all very positive.

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Oh, glamorous parenthood. The toilet paper company Charmin gives us all an app that shows you all the public restrooms in a close radius. While you might be able to wait until you get the restaurant, your 3-year-old never seems capable, making this app a slightly ridiculous necessity.

Photo credit here White Noise Baby For $0.99, you can have your phone or tablet play the random white noise your baby seems to love. From the hair dryer or air conditioner to dripping water, this app seems to have it all. You can even get the sound of a car ride without even getting into the car. Bonus.

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For $14.99, this app better be a 100% guarantee of magical sleep for everyone in the house. The app claims to be extremely effective for infants and toddlers, as well as adults. MagicSleep recreates the sound of the womb to create an atmosphere of primal sleep. Nearly $15 seems a little steep, but after a few sleepless night it might be worth a try"¦.maybe.

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Baby Connect

The app for the data-loving, detail-oriented, and ultra-organized parents. With 34 graphs and dozens of alarms, alerts, and categorizes, this app is an extremely comprehensive baby tracking device. You can track feedings, nursing, changing, doctor visits, naps, moods and so much more. What will you do with so much information? An easy share option makes it simple to post to Twitter and Facebook. Oh goodie.

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Baby Translator

Though reviews weren't that positive, this app claims to interpret what your crying child wants. Results don't appear to be very accurate, so maybe parents will need a few more years until technology can catch up to the idea.

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Get your child to stay in bed well after the crack of dawn by using a dinosaur and some magic dust. Truly. This app lets your child know when it's okay to get up by watching their dinosaur friend. Parents can set a timer for when Dino wakes up so your child knows when they can wake up, too. Never mind the fact that this means your kids sleep with their electronics, but hey! - sleep at any cost, right?

It may be a while before apps can change a diaper, but in the meantime there are a few that can help out. You never thought your phone would be your favorite toilet finding, baby shushing, and child naming device, but this list definitely proved that idea wrong.

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