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"Beverly Hills, 90210" star Ian Ziering recently opened up about how difficult it can be raising kids in today's environment. Although he made his debut in Hollywood years ago, Ziering said that he's finding it difficult to keep his two daughters "grounded" in today's world. The actor, who shares his daughters with ex-wife Erin Ludwig, spoke with Fox News at the Los Angeles Mission x Easter Celebration, saying that raising children in a digital world comes with it's hardships. "Oh brother, it's tough in this environment, keeping young girls grounded," he explained. "Keeping any child grounded is very challenging with the social media and the fragmented television landscape where they can watch content on their watch if they wanted to." Ziering said that although he can't control what his daughters see online, he can at least try and give them context. "It's tough. You know, every level's got a different devil. For me, it's just about putting things into context. I can't stop them or shield them from what they're exposed to. There's no way. "I can put it into context, and I think that's where I'll do the best I can. And then, ultimately, their mom and I, hopefully we've done a good enough job that when they are on their own, they'll be able to make good decisions, smart decisions that will help put them in a situation where they can go on and prosper and encourage others to do the same," Ziering continued.

The actor said that if his daughters, Mia and Penna, decide to follow his footsteps and pursue a career in the entertainment industry, he is going to make sure they have a backup plan. "My little one, Penna, she's very dramatic," he said. "She loves being part of school plays. If that lends itself to a career in the entertainment industry, then I'll support it." Ziering said his older daughter, Mia, is much different that her sister. "My other one, Mia, she likes music. She likes architecture. Completely different skill set," he said. "Whatever she likes, I'll support it, but regardless of what they choose, I'm going to make sure they have a Plan B."

Ziering spoke with Fox news while he was volunteering at the Los Angeles Mission's Easter Sunday celebration March 29. He was preparing meals for the homeless alongside his two daughters, Denise Richards and Nick Cannon. Ziering said that his act of service is spending "some of the celebrity capital" he's earned over the years. "I think it's important to give back. If I wasn't a celebrity, I would probably still be here. I'm really not comfortable with that title," he said. "But acknowledging that, this is a pretty good way to be a role model for some, an inspiration for others. Show them that living a life of service, even just a little giving back, is so rewarding. It's so noble, and it means so much to others who are receiving."

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