Going through any type of breakup is difficult, but your first heartbreak is one you will always remember. No matter how old you are, it cuts deep to know that the person you care so deeply about may not have the same feelings for you. In this video, 4-year-old Milo finds out that the girl he likes, Emily, may like another boy. His heart is broken and his feelings are crushed.

When we see our children go through heartbreak, it breaks our hearts. We want to console our children, but at the same time, we know they are learning valuable life lessons. Here are a few ways we can help our children go through heartbreak.

Hand them a spoon

When your child's heart is broken, sometimes he needs to talk, even if he doesn't want to. Hand your child a spoon and the carton of ice cream and sit down with him. Let him pour out his heart to you. You will both feel better after a good talk and a little ice cream.

Give some personal attention

Show your child that she is still number one in your eyes. If your daughter's heart is broken, plan a daddy-daughter date that will remind your daughter that her dad is the number one man in her life. If your son is hurting, plan a mother-son date that is sure to cheer him up.

Be willing to stop everything

When a relationship ends, especially for a teenager, it can be devastating. For some children, they may need some space until they are ready to talk. When they are finally willing to open up, drop everything and listen. When children experience heartbreak, the thing they need most is a listening ear. Don't push your child aside for anything.

A broken heart is a terrible thing, but it is something that can mend over time. Be the parent your child needs and be there for him, especially during such tough times in life.

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