It's a laugh that will make you shiver and smile at the same time.

While walking the dog, one little girl kept grabbing the leash and dropping it just so she could watch the dog run away with the leash behind her. When the dog runs away in the video, the girl lets out an uncontrollable laugh that sounds reminiscent of the Wicked Witch of the West.

Luckily, when the cute little girl lets out some loud scary laughs, her cuteness combined with the slightly evil giggle made the video receive Internet fame.

Clearly this little girl isn't trying to stifle her laughter at all. Without the stresses that come with adult life such as paying bills, working 8 to 5, or completing homework assignments every night, this girl still has a reason to smile from ear to ear, and let out a loud giggle.

As an adult, you might feel like the constant work in your life doesn't provide very many reasons to smile. Maybe the wavering economy is affecting your line of work and making you worry about how you will provide for your little ones. Perhaps, you are having problems keeping the peace in your home with your kids constantly bickering. Or, maybe you are just feeling a little burnt out on life as a whole.

Why do we have to add "laughing" to our already lengthy to-do list? Should we really prioritize something so silly and frivolous?

According to science, absolutely! The social and health benefits from laughter are obvious, according to Robert Provine, Ph.D. Dr. Provine observed laughter in everyday life and published his findings in his book "Laughter: A Scientific Investigation."

Although little is known about how the brain produces spontaneous laughter, Provine's findings show that laughter is a contagious part of our social structure. It's hard to suppress laughter when watching the little girl in the video let out some giggles while walking the dog. People also laugh in everyday conversation, and start instinctively laughing as babies, making it a shared cultural experience.

Don't hold in your laughs. They are actually good for you. The old cliché "laughter is the best medicine" is actually quite true; a good laugh has been known to substitute as a mild workout, increase antibodies for a good immune system, promote relaxation and sleep, and can lower your blood sugar.

Laughter is a natural, healthy part of life. But, how can we increase laughter in our daily life?

  • Don't take things too seriously. There are plenty of hilarious moments surrounding us every day. Choose to laugh off the bad moments instead of getting frustrated.

  • Encourage laughter with your kids by sharing jokes as a family.

  • Take time to laugh with your spouse by remembering funny moments in the past and playing hilarious games together.

  • Watch funny TV shows and movies, but make sure they are appropriate for your kids.

  • Be careful when your family starts teasing - don't laugh at each other.

In short, let the laughs out. Even if your giggle sounds a little scary like this toddler's evil laugh, it will still put a smile on your family members' faces.

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