Every parent is all too familiar with the struggle of taking children grocery shopping. You walk around as quickly and calmly as possible, and just pray that your kids can save their meltdowns for later. But of course, they can't. Someone always ends up throwing a temper tantrum in the middle of aisle four.

It's like your kids are trying to embarrass you. It seems that no matter what you say or do, you can't calm them down. And people walk around you, either giving you dirty looks or doing their best to pretend they can't hear your child screaming about this or that.

You're not alone. Every parent knows this struggle - even celebrities

Justin Baldoni, an actor known for his role as Rafael in the television series, "Jane the Virgin", recently shared a picture on Facebook of himself, his father and his daughter shopping at Whole Foods.

His daughter, completely distraught, is lying face-down on the ground of the grocery store.

I tried to stay off social media yesterday to connect with my family without distraction so I'm posting this today....

Posted by Justin Baldoni on Monday, June 19, 2017

The two men in the photo are completely unphased by the toddler's meltdown - if anything, they seem amused - despite all the people around them.

Baldonisaidin his post that the whole point of sharing this photo was about being comfortable in the uncomfortable.

"I can only imagine how many times I did this when I was her age," he said. "My dad always let me feel what I needed to feel, even if it was in public and embarrassing."

He continued to say that he can't remember a time his dad ever told him to stop crying, or that he was embarrassing him. Recently, as he has had the opportunity to be a father himself, he has realized how paramount that was for his emotional development.

"Our children are learning and processing so much information and they don't know what to do with all of these new feelings that come up," Baldoni said. "I try to remember to make sure my daughter knows it's OK that she feels deeply."

As Baldoni has worked to make sure his daughter feels validated in her emotions, he said he no longer feels embarrassed "when she throw [sic] tantrums in the grocery store, or screams on a plane."

He said parents shouldn't be embarrassed when their child throws a fit because it doesn't reflect on them as parents.

"We should probably be a little more kind and patient with ourselves," he said.

He also embraced the need everyone has to occasionally throw their own little tantrums, suggesting that it could be helpful in the long run.

"If we got out everything we were feeling and allowed ourselves to throw tantrums and cry when we felt the need to then maybe we'd could also let ourselves feel more joy and happiness," he said. "And that is something this world could definitely use a little more of."

Baldoni's post has gone viral, with 40,000 shares and nearly 100,000 reactions

Parents are loving his example.One commenter even pointed out bystanders in the shared photo. "The world continues to move as the two of you are standing there," she said. "As parents, we often feel as though everyone is looking and judging ... Sometimes they are, but more than often, people are too busy with their own stuff to notice what's going on with us."

Parents often feel self-conscious about how others perceive them in public, but Baldoni is challenging those social standards. It's great to have fathers out there reminding others that a public tantrum doesn't mean you aren't doing an awesome job as a parent.

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