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In a recent interview with Net-A-Porter, Anne Hathaway opened up about how she keeps her personal and professional life separate. "It’s something I feel is not just essential for my health – I’m on a team, it’s my family, and it’s not just about me." The Oscar-winning actress shares two sons, Jonathan, 7, and Jack, 3, with her husband Adam Shulman. "My family has needs, and one of the needs of children is that they need to be able to define their own lives," the New York-based mom said. "It doesn’t even occur to me to link the two up, except through gratitude that they serve each other so beautifully. But they serve each other through me, and not through a space that’s outside of myself."

In September, Hathaway spoke to People about her experience with motherhood, saying that becoming a mother has helped her appreciate her body more. "People don't talk about this and it really made me feel better when I found out about it," said the actress. "It takes three years for your body to fully recover from a pregnancy. I didn't snap back. I want to very, very clear about that. With my second, it took every minute of those three years. And it's cool. Let your body be a body. There's nowhere to get to. It's just now. Just be present and take care of yourself and don't set expectations," Hathaway said. In October 2022, the star appeared on Sirius XM's "The Jess Cagle Show" and shared how her two children are a major factor when it comes to deciding which projects are worth her time. "I have to say, the 'kids' thing has been the biggest shift," said Hathaway. "That's kind of re-prioritized everything, so it's actually made me a bit choosier because something really has to be so excellent to spend time away from them because they're so precious to me." She continued, "They're the most sacred part of my life by a long shot. And then when I do accept something, it puts greater pressure on me to make it worth the time that I've spent away from them."

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