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The rancher's river crossing

Once there was a rancher who went to the market and bought a fox, a rabbit and a bale of grass. To get home, the rancher has to cross a river in a small boat with room only for himself and one purchase at a time. If he leaves the fox alone with the rabbit, it will eat the rabbit. If he leaves the rabbit alone with the grass, it will eat the grass. How will the rancher get himself and his three purchases across the river intact?

Answer: The following order of river crossings would allow the rancher to get everything to the other side.

1. Take the rabbit over.

2. Return.

3. Take the fox or bale of grass over.

4. Return with rabbit.

5. Take grass or fox over.

6. Return.

7. Take rabbit over.

Number sequence

Which number would come next in this number sequence: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, __

Answer: 13 This sequence is also known as the Fibonacci Sequence. You add the numbers together to find out which number comes next. Thus, 1+1 is 2, 1+2 is 3 and so on.

Mirror word all around

What word, when written in capital letters, reads the same forwards, backwards and upside-down.

Answer: NOON


A homograph is a word that has multiple meanings but is always spelled the same. For example, look at the word "key": piano key, lock and key, map key, etc. For the word pairs below, can you find the missing homograph that is associated with both words?

Car, tree

Smoke, plumbing

Pillow, lawyer

Card, ship

Eye, school

Answers: trunk, pipe, case, deck, pupil

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