It is gross. It is embarrassing. It is even a little awkward. You don't remember how that big red hazard showed up on your face. It is described in many different comforting terms: zit, pimple, whitehead, blackhead, blob, and thing. You can go back and find those old school pictures of your pizza face, but that doesn't mean the days of depression are over.

Odds are your son or daughter is going through a major face phase and needs your help. Here are a few things you should really be aware of as your child goes through potentially, the worst possible time of his or her life. Nothing seems worse than that sore spot of redness on your nose or that gross liquid oozing from your chin. Alright, I'll stop with the details and move on to the discoveries.

1. Be sensitive

As a child going through these phases the worst thing, I cannot stress enough, that parents do is stress. Mom feels the need to declare to the whole household that my face looks bad and oh gee, dear, doesn't her face look so bad? The first step in addressing this pimple problem is doing so in private with loving words. Steer clear of the bluntness and approach this with care.

2. Be quick

If you don't act on your discovery, there was no point in telling me that my face looks bad. Offer solutions, take me to the doctor, or sign me up for ProActiv. Work with me and be there with help.

3. Keep it quiet

Don't ask me about my acne every day, especially not in front of your friends or mine. If I'm touching my face in public, find a secret way to remind me not to. The most embarrassing times are when you call my name out loud and everyone is looking over as my face bleeds to death. Okay, maybe that never happened, but you get the picture.

4. Let time happen

If you aren't seeing results within five minutes, don't freak out. Things take time and the face needs room to breathe. Don't apply every over-the-counter cream and shove their face in the steamer all on the first night. This won't happen overnight.

5. Remember to be confident

Makeup can cover a lot (for girls), but if your teen's face is preventing them from even going outside, think again. Most acne is manageable, and most people understand that everyone goes through this time. Your teen's face will not always be this bumpy. Remind them to stay strong and look forward to the day when they can fully smile at themselves and love themselves too.

I hope some of these tips hit home and that you can begin your journey together, to a fresh, clean face. Encourage your teen to wash their face morning and night with a regular routine. Don't pick, scratch, or touch the face. The oils from hands throughout the day are the last thing you want near their face. Remind them not to squeeze every pimple they see - some need to be left alone - and always sanitize face and hands afterwards.

It is important to remember that sometimes forgetting your face is the best way to feel fresher. I hope these zig zag zit days will be over fast so you too can help the next generation face these persistent peeves.

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