Grocery shopping with small kids can be frantic and overwhelming at times. One kid is opening a bag of chips, another is running away and your baby is crying uncontrollably in the cart.

But it doesn't always have to feel like an impossible balancing act. With these helpful mom hacks, your grocery trip can turn from a dreadful experience to an enjoyable one.

Below are a few helpful tips recommended for moms, by moms.

Pool noodle guard

Help guard your child from the germ-infested metal basket they sit in by investing in a pool noodle. Cut it in half and create a long vertical slit so you can latch it onto the metal covering of the grocery cart, creating a safety bumper as well.

Cheerios and dental floss for the win

A child looking at all the food they cannot eat is going to get hungry — fast. Avoid the meltdown — and the mess of fallen snacks on the floor — by creating simple Cheerio necklaces for your small child to snack on throughout your trip.

String a few Cheerios around dental floss to create a healthy and playful treat to preoccupy your curious child while you shop.

Create a game plan

Nearly all grocery stores are laid out with similar floor plans. Dairy and eggs are on the back wall, produce and floral are right when you walk in, snacks and chips are in the middle and the deli is on the opposite end of the store. Stick to the perimeters of the store to avoid the predictable treat meltdown that usually takes place in the middle snacky aisles.

Save precious cart space

Do not waste precious cart space by filling it with your purse and diaper bag. Instead head over to the produce section and grab a clear plastic grocery bag to tie around the bar of your grocery cart. Loop the plastic bag through the handles of your bags and tie a knot around the bar of your grocery cart. This simple hack will alleviate clutter in your cart and provide you with more space to gather the things you need.

For more helpful grocery shopping parenting tips, watch the entire MOM HACKS video below.

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