Most parents dread bedtime more than handling a screaming child.

When you mention the word, "bedtime" your children might start crying or running around in an attempt for some last-minute play time. After finally getting them in pajamas, they are probably more excited and wound up than they should be before a full night of sleep.

The family in this video was experiencing their own nighttime issues. Their 2-year-old son kept sneaking into his older sister's room and taking her Pillow Pet while she was asleep. Even after she locked the door, somehow he would still end up with her toy. After setting up a camera to find out more about his ninja-like moves, the parents were shocked at their sneaky son's skills.

Carefully opening and closing the doors quietly, he was able to maneuver around the house without waking anyone up. After using fingernail clippers to unlock his sister's door, he put them back where they belong. Thus destroying the evidence of his stealthy break-in. Eventually, the toddler retrieved the Pillow Pet and quietly went back to his own room. "Mission accomplished" the video subtitles read.

After posting the video on YouTube, it quickly went viral with hundreds of thousands of views. This clip was probably popular because so many parents can relate to children who are wide-awake at the worst time.

How can you get your kids to fall asleep without the nightly struggle? While some kids might be going through a naughty phase, for others it can be more serious. Here are a few tips for calming your kiddos into a more peaceful night's sleep.

  • If your kids finally go to sleep without having a tantrum, reward them the next day. Whether it's a pancake breakfast or no chores for a day, reward your toddler with whatever inspires them to behave. Even though you might not be able to reward them every day, give them a little treat after the first time they are obedient to increase rule following around naptime.

  • According to WebMD, night terrors are common in children. If your kids wake up screaming, don't leave them there alone. Instead, comfort them by letting them sleep in bed with you, praying with them when a bad dream comes, or singing to them.

  • The environment where a child falls asleep is important. Some toddlers need white noise while others crave complete silence. If your child feels like her older siblings and parents are laughing and having fun all night without her, she will probably be hesitant to go straight to sleep. Make sure the environment is appropriate to help her get to sleep. Have everyone in pajamas and starting to mellow down when your youngest is climbing in bed.

  • If your child is constantly waking up during the night and it feels like absolutely nothing is working, try talking to your family doctor. She will be able to give more tips for figuring out what specifically could work for your child.

These are just a few ideas to get your family started transforming bedtime from a battlefield into a quiet time of rest. If you're wondering what certain mischief goes on during the night, set up a camera. You might be surprised at the cunning nature of your kids.

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