Every parent's worst nightmare is for something awful to happen to their child, especially something life threatening.

But, if a situation arises, would you be able to do what is necessary to save your child? Or would you freeze in fear or panic?

One little boy knew just what to do when he discovered his younger brother face-down in a pool.

Little hero

Ten-year-old Jacob O'Connor saw his toddler brother Dylan floating face-down in a pool. Keeping a cool head, he remembered a scene from a movie he had watched, "San Andreas." Jacob was able to pull Dylan out of the pool and started doing chest compressions, mimicking what he saw Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson do in the movie.

After Jacob did a few chest compressions, Dylan coughed up some water, but was still unresponsive. He ran to get his grandmother (who was watching them at the time).

Learning by example

On the local news, Jacob told reporters, "I was scared when I saw Dylan in the pool.

"My favourite movie, San Andreas, had compressions (CPR) in the movie and I remembered it from the part in the movie where there was an earthquake, then there was a tsunami, and the girl was drowning.

"In most movies, that's what they do. They try to save the person first, and if it's not working, they go get someone."

Dwayne Johnson even gave Jacob a shout out via Twitter: "Wow amazing story. Giving you a Twitter Jacob for saving your little brother's life. You're a real life hero. We're all proud of you! DJ"

Though he's been called a hero, Jacob just thinks what he did was the natural thing to do.

Jacob O'Connor rescued two-year-old Dylan and performed CPR — mimicking the chest compressions in his favourite movie, San Andreas.

Posted by CBC Saskatoon on Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Be prepared, not scared

Just as Jacob knew what to do from simply watching a movie, you and your family can be ready for emergency situations. Consider taking a family CPR class. Learning the basics will help you be more prepared. Additionally, you can take first aid classes and learn other techniques to prevent further injury or to even save a life.

You're never too old or too young to learn what to do in scary situations. Knowledge and training can help you keep it together and know what to do in an emergency.

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