As humans, we are no strangers to hardship and adversity. We all have to learn by going through hard times and bad experiences. For example, we all learned the stove was hot after we touched it. Sometimes it makes us afraid to try new things because we feel like we have simply reached our limit or we worry only bad things will come from it.

How do you overcome adversity? Do you cry and give up? Or do you get help and overcome the obstacles before you? For one little boy, obstacles seem especially difficult.

4-year-old Camden was born with no legs and only part of his arms

This is one of the hardest things to be so young and to be limited by terrible circumstance. While other kids are running around to defuse their energy, Camden has to learn other ways to defuse his pent-up energy. But instead of feeling sorry for himself, Camden pushes forward.

Luckily for Camden, he doesn't have to face his hardship by himself. He has a great family, who treat him like a normal boy and encourage him to try new things. Recently his parents have started to encourage him to be mobile. After some reassuring words and coaching from his father, Camden took his first steps.

Camden is truly an amazing little boy. He doesn't let anything stop him.

Afterwards his mother asked him if he was proud of learning to walk. His response was "No, I'm just walking." Camden's mother couldn't stop crying after hearing his sweet response.

Me: Camden, are you proud of yourself?
Cam: No, Iโ€™m just walking.

There ya go, folks! ๐Ÿ’™

Posted by Katie Danielle Whiddon onย Sunday, November 19, 2017

Sometimes we feel like people are triumphing over terrible circumstances, but for that person, they are just living. This is how we all should try to live when we face adversity. Camden is glad he can walk, no doubt, but he didn't see it as this incredible hurdle - instead he saw it as a simple step in his journey through life.

Often times we think our life is terrible and hard, but there's no excuse for not trying

When we do try we might find out it actually wasn't as hard as we thought it would be, and we might end up achieving greater things than we ever thought possible.

It's normal to feel stuck in life. Camden literally could have felt stuck. He didn't have the legs to walk or the arms to pull himself around. A good way to overcome that stuck feeling is to try something new to us. For Camden, walking was a completely new thing, while for most of us it is completely normal, but he still tried it.

Here are two tricks to help you try new things

The five-second rule

Get yourself moving within five seconds of thinking of the idea. This is the best way to take action before you talk yourself out of it.

Try it with someone

Don't do it alone. Try it with someone you trust, who will give you support and encouragement.

You will be amazed at what you can achieve if you try new things and strive for a positive attitude like Camden.

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