I've yet to become a happy morning person so when I've got hungry, nagging kids tugging at my shirt, the last thing I want to do is whip up a hot, gourmet breakfast. All busy moms have been there more than once. Here's a list of quick, easy, and healthy breakfast ideas. There is sure to be something to get your family out the door healthy, happy - and in a flash.

Overnight oats in a jar

A good friend introduced me to this magical breakfast item last year and my family are huge fans. If you've got a jar, some oats, milk, and yogurt, then this is for you! Mix it up the night before, and grab and go in the morning. There are hundreds of recipes all over the web, but Kath Eats Real Food has dozens of delicious variations.

Slow cooker steel cut oats

If doing a little prep work before heading to bed means zero prep work in the morning, I am totally interested. Let your slow cooker do the work for you and wake up to a yummy and equally healthy breakfast. Our Best Bites and Bob's Red Mill have some ideas to get you started.


The beautiful thing about smoothies is you've got to actually try hard to make them taste bad. Throw in a handful of spinach with whatever fruit you've got on hand and you'll be cruising through your day with plenty of energy.

If you find extra time on your hands, here are some of my favorite go-to make ahead recipes. Most of these things can be done in an hour or less, but they do require planning. I like to spend a day making a bunch of breakfast items to freeze and then I can rest easy knowing that my freezer is stocked with healthy breakfast options.

  • Frozen banana popsare both fun and healthy if you've got little (or big) mouths to feed!


Breakfast burritos, egg sandwiches, boiled eggs, quiche ... the list could go on and on. Egg cups are also a fun variation and can be jazzed up just about any way you please. Foodie Crush and Our Best Bites have mastered the art of egg cups. Check them out for some inspiration. (Egg cups, breakfast burritos, and egg sandwiches can all be made freezer friendly! Double bonus.)

Homemade bagels

If you're feeling adventurous and love to cook, try your hand at some homemade bagels. Annie at Annie's Eats knows her stuff and these bagels are amazing. Make a big batch, freeze a bunch, and pop them in the toaster when you've got a particularly crazy morning. A warm bagel, with a smear of cream cheese is sure to get you started on the right foot.

Granola bars and granola

If you've never had the opportunity to have fresh, warm granola right out of the oven ... I highly suggest you go make some right now! This recipe from The Coterie Blog is divine, and is delicious straight out of the oven or sprinkled on just about anything in sight! Store it in an airtight container for use all week. If you're looking for a healthy, homemade version of a granola bar, Greener Eating is our personal favorite.

Hashbrown patties

This recipe for Hashbrown patties can be frozen and reheated in the morning. For an even healthier alternative, try subbing the potatoes for sweet potatoes and/or quinoa. Your taste buds will thank you!

Pre-made waffles and pancakes

Have a favorite waffle recipe? Mix up a huge batch and store them in the freezer! Waffles and pancakes both re-heat well, so take advantage of that glorious fact and stock up.

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