Having a baby will bring a lot of changes to your life. There are so many things to think about when you're getting ready to bring your newborn baby home. Here are five things you're going to want to keep in mind.

Car seat

You won't be allowed to take your infant home from the hospital without a car seat. Not all car seats are created equally. You'll want to be sure to buy one from a licensed business. The fact of the matter is, if you buy one from a classified ad, you may end up getting something that is outdated or has been recalled. It's worth it to splurge on something new for your child, or from a reputable second hand store that checks the safety features and recalls of all the car seats before they are re-sold.


It is no secret that a home isn't going to be as clean as a hospital. They get used and abused and that also means dirty. While mommy and baby may have boosted immune systems, you'll want to do everything in your power to make sure that they both stay healthy. Go through and sanitize as best as you can. A new mom will appreciate coming home to a clean house!


Whether it's a full room, or just a corner. Baby needs somewhere safe, warm and quiet to sleep. Preparing the space can be very therapeutic when you've had enough of the day-to-day madness that can take over your life when you're waiting for your baby to show up. Taking some time and doing some physical preparation in the baby's room can help you calm your nerves and your mind. It's also fun knowing that in just a short time your newborn will be there.

Baby-proofing materials.

It won't be long before that brand new bundle of joy becomes a fully mobile toddler. Stay ahead of the curve by getting all the baby-proofing materials you need before your baby can move. So when the day comes, all of the cleaning materials are locked away out of baby's sight.

Furniture evaluation

When our first showed up, we truly thought ourselves prepared. The one thing we hadn't thought of was the sharp edges on a lot of our furniture. After our daughter started crawling, then walking, we had to kiss our sharp-edged coffee table good-bye because it presented an unnecessary danger to our little one. You'll want to do something similar. You don't have to throw your stuff away, but take it down temporarily until your toddler gets her feet under her.

From the day you bring him home, your baby's first year of life goes by so quickly that you won't believe your eyes. One day you will be amazed at their beautiful smile, and the next they will be running around the house, all in a 12 month period, so be sure to be prepared for more than just day one of bringing baby home.

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