Angels are all around us and have been since the world began. They surround us and go about doing the work of our Father. One of the most beautiful scriptures in the Bible about angels is found in Psalms:

"For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in thy ways." -Psalms 91:11.

What a wonderful gift we are given. We are in the charge of angels, heavenly messengers of light, summoned by God, himself, to watch over and protect us. If the angels have been given charge over us, how then do we call upon them to help us in our time of need?

Here is the pattern I have used in my own life to call upon angels to help me.


Faith is the power to believe in things that are not seen but are true. If you desire to call on angels to help you, you first must believe that they can.

Read the miraculous stories of people being rescued by angels, study angels in the Bible, and remember that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

Your belief will determine whether or not the angels will come. It is by faith that miracles happen. All things are possible to them that believe.

If you want miracles in your life, then believe in miracles. If you want angels to surround and protect you, then believe in angels. That is the power of your faith.

It is your power to create your own circumstances and it is looking forward with the eye of faith. See them protecting you in your mind and heart, and they will be there to fulfill your faithful desire.


God desires so much to bless us, but his plan is not one of force. He will not force his angels upon you, nor will he force you to believe.

He does, however, bless those who ask him and honor those who serve him. Ask God to send his angels to surround and protect you, and you will start to feel their presence in your life.

You will see the miracles that come, and it will be a testimony to you that they are there. Asking with a sincere heart is how prayers are answered. If you pray in faith, without any doubts, God truly will send angels to support you and lend strength to your own.


Because it is through faith that angels are made known, we are generally not able to see them with our eyes, but instead, we feel them with our heart.

If we are still, and ask God to help us feel them, we will feel their presence in a very profound way. We will connect with them spirit to spirit and we can even feel the joy they feel in being called upon to serve us.

It is a feeling that is difficult to describe in words, but nevertheless real and a powerful testament to the love our Father has for us.

We may even feel the love they have for us, and how we are connected to them in life. Many angels sent to us are our ancestors who remain here to help us along our path back home.


Part of feeling is being able to listen to that still small voice of your conscience. That small voice is the voice of God and he will help you in all that you do.

Angels speak by the power of God, which means they speak the words of Christ. If we treasure those words of Christ and take them to heart, we will be led to do the will of our Father.

It is important when we are listening to our Father in heaven that we always ask God for confirmation that what we are hearing is true. If we ask with a sincere heart, he will whisper the truth to us, and we can move forward in faith.

Everything good comes from God. All personal revelation we receive through God our father will be backed up somewhere in scriptures, including the charge of angels.


Showing gratitude to Father for the blessing of angels is important. God delights in blessing us and his angels delight in serving us.

But if we are not grateful for their blessings and service, we may lose those blessings. It is important that we always recognize where our strength comes from. Praising God and thanking him for his angels, gives all the glory to God and honors his angels.

The more we honor those who serve us, the more they desire to bless us with their service. It ties our hearts together with love. They love us because they are serving us, and we love them because we are being served by them. It creates unity and love in families that span generations, as loved ones come back to serve loved ones. It's a beautiful cycle of love and family. Showing gratitude is truly touching heaven.

Angels are real and are ready to help us. They are just waiting for us to ask. The more we call upon Father to send them, the more miracles we will see and the greater our faith will become.

God is good. He has not left us to sojourn this life alone, for we are all in the charge and company of angels.

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