It's hard for us to believe in things we can't see or touch. That requires faith.

But even with faith, we often lose touch with the music...

We lose that unspeakable joy, that good news, that indescribable peace ... In times of uncertainty and trouble, we become deaf to the sweet melody of God's music.

God's music is heard with the heart

"We learn the dance steps [of faith] with our minds, but we hear the music with our hearts ... The dance steps require discipline, but the joy of the dance will be experienced only when we come tohear the music."

-Wilford W. Anderson

Only when we live by faith and fight to hear the music will we feel and understand communication that comes from God.

With true faith, when we hear that gospel music, there come miracles, visions, dreams, healing and all the gifts of God. That which is of God is light, and our own light becomes brighter as we look for spiritual truth. As we receive spiritual guidance with grateful hearts, the scales of darkness fall from our eyes. The blind see.

Hearing the music does not mean life will be perfect

Having faith bright enough to hear the music of God does not remove all of life's problems. Life is not without challenges for any of us. But, despite the obvious truth of that statement, there are still many of us who persist in believing that bad things shouldn't happen to good people. We are surprised when bad things happen to us.

As counterintuitive as it may seem, arising victoriously on the other side of suffering makes us measurably better. Suffering engenders compassion for others. Suffering teaches us to pray.

Robert Browning Hamilton expressed it this way:

"I walked a mile with Pleasure. She chatted all the way, but left me none the wiser, for all she had to say. I walked a mile with Sorrow. And n'er a word said she; But oh, the things I learned from her, when Sorrow walked with me."

The music of God will make your life sweeter

Add the music of God to your life - even when you face challenges. The dance of life will become sweeter. Darkness will be replaced with light. The Holy Spirit will become your constant companion, offering words of love and comfort when you need them most.

In times of trouble, and in times of joy, stop and listen...

Can you hear the music of God playing in your heart?

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