Confidence is something that one minute you have an overabundance of and the next you are totally out. I have learned how to fake it until I make it. Here are five ways to boost your confidence and get you through the first few minutes of a meeting, party with friends, date, church, or school.

1. Trust what works. Ever have the day when you feel awful no matter what you are wearing? Well, trust in what has worked in the past. Ladies, wear the outfit that has a tendency to turn heads; do your hair and make-up in a fool-proof way. Gentlemen, wear those clothes that you know you look good in; style your hair and clean up your facial hair. Then no matter how bad you feel, you know that you are at least presentable. You will be surprised with all the compliments you receive.

2. Repeat in the mirror and in your head a power statement, such as "You are a confident, strong person;" "You make a positive difference;" "You have a job that allows you to make dreams come true;" "You have rockin' calves;" or "You are beautiful and kind."

3. Literally fake it until you make it. Hold your head high and smile. Walk tall and slow, making sure not to trip. Make eye contact with people, especially the leaders in the room, leaders of the event, social leaders, really anyone of importance. When you introduce yourself, talk slow and use both your first and last name. Let the honor of your name boost you. It will get easier after the first few minutes at an event.

4. Call a friend or loved one before you go. I can't count the number of times a friend or family member stayed on the phone with me for the drive and sometimes the first few minutes of an event. To help give you a confidence boost call someone that loves you and even if they talk about cleaning the bathroom you will feel stronger.

5. Take care of yourself. The best way to build self-esteem is to take care of your body. Eat a balanced diet, exercise, read a book to expand your mind, serve other people. When we learn to put others' needs in front of our own, our confidence will instantly begin to grow in the best way, through loving other people.

Being strong can be the loneliest thing in the world. Walking into a room and standing tall for yourself and everything you stand for is even harder. Just remember that when you see that confident person in the room, they might just be repeating a phrase in their head like, "You are strong, you are beautiful, keep smiling, you can do anything."

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