It's the day every dad pretends will never come - the day his little girl gets married.

Of course, dads are thrilled when their daughter meets the perfect guy and decides to settle down. With the percentage of people choosing to marry falling, when a couple decides they want to spend the rest of their lives together it is worth throwing the biggest celebration possible. However, for the father of the bride, putting his daughter in the care of her new husband can be an emotional moment.

In this video, a dad shares different stories from his daughter's life. He talks about how he prayed for her to be like her mother, her father and God. Finally, he prayed that she would be happy, and that's when she met her fiance. "You see that look on her face?" The father said in the wedding speech. "I never saw that look until she met you and I'm grateful for that."

He finished his speech by pointing out the hard work he and God put in to raising his daughter. "Me and God have worked hard," he said. "Don't screw it up."

This adorable speech illustrates the emotions involved in raising a little girl, and how it can be tough for daddies to let them go.

A wedding creates a mix of so many emotions for everyone: love, excitement, and even fear. When I was finally in the car driving towards my dream wedding, I actually thought I was going to throw up. I never get sick and I had no reason to be nervous, but the importance of the day hit me all at once. I realized I was starting a new life.

For those closely involved in a wedding, it can be a roller coaster preparing for change. Here are some tips for whatever role you play in the fairytale wedding.

For the groom

Before you even put a ring on her finger, it's generally a good idea to respectfully ask her father's permission. It may seem like an old tradition to you, but it probably means much more to her dad. Whether you go out to dinner or meet at his house, this article gives some great advice on asking a big question before you officially pop the question.

For the bride

The wedding plans will probably be taking over your life leading up to the big day, but it's still important to give your parents a phone call. They might be feeling lonely or like you have already moved on to your new life. Don't forget to talk to them like you normally would to help them feel your love. Of course, it's also important to work them into the wedding plans, whether they give a toast, star in your wedding video or have a special dance with you.

For the daddy

Your life might be quickly transitioning into the movie Father of the Bride. You feel like you're spending thousands of dollars on a wedding and your daughter is so busy that she barely notices you. But remember she loves you unconditionally and would never be where she is today without your guidance. It might be hard to let a child move on, but she will always be your child, and her love and appreciation for you will only grow through her marriage.

For the mom

Most moms help or even plan the entire wedding which can be exciting, but also very stressful. Between all of the planning make sure to help your loved ones during this transitioning phase. Your husband might be anxious about letting go, or your son might be getting pre-wedding jitters. Look for how you can help out other than coordinating wedding plans.

"Today I'm giving you the best thing I have to give," the dad said in the wedding video. Whether it's your child's big day or your own, keep the right perspective with the love that got you there in your hearts and you can't go wrong.

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