One dad has found a way to add some humor to routine family mornings.

Sorry we're late ..

Seth King gained a large social media following after he started posting pictures of his hilarious handwritten notes he writes to excuse his tardy children.

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15-year-old Isabella, 13-year-old Carson, 10-year-old Sophia, 6-year-old Nolan and even 3-year-old Liam are frequently late for class and other activities, and King is left with the task of excusing them.

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"I was probably writing too many late notes for my children when I started having what one might describe as 'a little more fun with the writing exercise,'" King told ABC News.

King's notes probably stretch the truth a bit for the sake of comedic effect, but school administration (and his many Instagram followers) find them entertaining.

What the school says

Yes, these are the actual notes King gives his kids to hand to school administration when they are running late. He says he's gotten a few phone calls asking if he was the one who actually wrote them, but overall the attendance office workers love these funny notes.

"I hoped that this new late note style would motivate my then middle school teenagers to make a greater effort to minimize/eliminate their teenage tardiness tendency," King told Huffington Post, adding, "I want them to know that life is hard and decisions have consequences. But above all their parents love them, they're cared for, we have their back, and it's important to smile, laugh, and always look on the bright side."

"Can you just write a normal note?"

King said his children are sometimes "frustrated" by the notes and ask him to just "write a normal one," but they know that he loves them and is just "trying to make them smile."

There's no denying these dad jokes are not only tolerable but cleverly hilarious. Check out some of his best works below and follow @latenotes on Instagram for his latest notes.

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And also wrote a late note for himself:

We hope King and his family never get the hang of arriving on time, because we'd hate to see these clever late notes disappear.

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