If you are a bully, you can take action now to stop bullying, make amends with those you've hurt and turn to positive solutions.

Second grader, Cameron Thompson, is a reformed bully. One day at school, one of Cameron's male classmates brought a Barbie doll for show-and-tell. Cameron, who has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD), didn't understand why a boy would bring a doll to share with the class. He decided to make fun of the boy, getting some of his friends to join in. Needless to say, the teacher who found out told Cameron's mother, and Cameron was in big trouble. His mom explained to him how bullying hurts and asked Cameron how he would feel if someone treated him that way.

Cameron wrote an apology note and told the boy he would never bully again, but he still felt bad. He decided to start an anti-bullying campaign with the help of his new friend - the boy he'd previously bullied. Cameron tells us, "It's not too late to change."

Bullying is damaging. It is something we need to talk about with our children. Teach your kids to be kind to everyone regardless of how they may be treated in return. It is never OK to be mean to another person. Here are 5 things you can teach your kids to do if they see bullying.

Show your children positive, real-life examples of how to handle bullies. You'll be amazed how this girl turns the tables on Facebook bullies. Instead of giving in to hurt, she started a positive campaign of her own.

We can teach our children to be positive influences on others and explain to them how hurtful bullying really is. Help your children be strong and positive if they are being bullied, and teach them to spread kindness - it's just as contagious as bullying, but it feels a lot better to everyone.

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