Being a mom is hard work all by itself. Add to that everything else moms do, and it's hardly a one person job.

Look around at you house right now.

If it's clean, I'm not necessarily talking to you (though you can still read on). If it's a mess, you're in good company.

Who doesn't love a good parody? This particular parody of "All About That Bass" is one that will ring true in the ears of many moms. "I Just Can't Clean This Place" has relatable lyrics about dishes, laundry, caring for kids and the need for a double. Not to mention, it's entertaining to watch. What's so hard about keeping a house clean, anyway?

The main reason? Kids.

Children are messy. They also need love, attention, food, diaper changes, drinks, stories and playtime. Even if you are actively trying to clean your house, with the constant stream of interruptions, it's hard to get much accomplished - and, of course, that tornado of children following behind, undoing everything you just did, complicates matters. Why does it take five hours to clean something that takes five seconds to mess up?

So, lighten up on yourselves, moms! If you're doing your best to love and care for your kids, you're doing the most important part. If there's laundry piled high, toys from one end of the house to the other and dishes in the sink, that's OK. You may want to keep things sanitary for health reasons, but the rest simply doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things.

And those "perfect" blogger moms? Yeah, they're probably not really perfect. Just their pictures are. There's no need to make our lives harder by comparing ourselves to each other. We should be more supportive of each other and not nitpick individual flaws. Avoid the "mommy wars!"

Make sure your kids are loved and fed. If cleaning gets done, great! If not, oh well. You're still amazing.

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