Is it in her face?

Oh no, that's just her charm

In her warm embrace?

Oh no, that's just her arms...

The song says that love is in her kiss, and those "shoop shoop" girls may be right. However there are other ways of gauging the love your girl has for you.

Physical chemistry is the first thing many look for or identify in a relationship, but this kind of attraction can vanish with a poof if the relationship is not based on other subtle, and not so subtle, qualities as well. Physical chemistry doesn't always translate as love.

So, does she love you? Here are a few true and tried methods that have proved to be more reliable than the musical standard - or picking the petals off a daisy.

1. She actively communicates with you

When you are away, she calls just to say hello, wants to know what you're doing or to share her day's activities. She wants to tell you about her experiences when you are together after the workday. She is forthcoming and doesn't try to one-up.

2. She pays attention to what you like

When she gives you a gift, it is thoughtful and indicative of your personality. Her gifts, regardless of money spent shows she has put thought into it and didn't just grab something on sale. (Pay attention and do the same when the shoe is on the other foot.)

3. Your relationship borders on the straight forward to downright frank

She doesn't bother with mixed signals and you don't feel like you are hugging a porcupine. Her message is not, "Come closer, now go away," and her presentation is plain and simple.

4. She speaks positively of you when you are with her and when you aren't

She doesn't "stab and run," making little negative comments that name the things about you she would like to see "fixed." You don't worry about what she may say to your boss - or your mother.

5. She makes you a part of the relationship she has with her friends and family

They are familiar with your job and your hobbies because she has talked about you to them. When she talks about the future, you are in the middle of it.

6. She assumes she is part of your life

When you are involved in a task, she will be too. She is not satisfied to sit back and watch, even if that is all that is left to do.

7. She may not be into PDA, but she doesn't balk when you move to hold her hand in public.

Sometimes, even if she is not physical, she can tell instinctively what you need to feel love. If she doesn't know, she asks.

8. She listens to you

She doesn't pretend to be focused on you while really planning dinner. You don't bore her. When she is with you she doesn't wish she was doing something else. If she hurts your feelings, she is sorry.

9. She cares

We are compassionate with people we care for, which allows them the opportunity to make mistakes and grow from them. When you lag behind, she waits for you to catch up.

10. She tells you

When you tell her that you love her, she says it back, or acknowledges it by saying "Thank you." It's you she is really acknowledging.

Many men are different from women in that they want to problem solve. They want to fix the things that are wrong. Women want to analyze the "whys" and "what if's" so the problem can be categorized with the same end in mind as men have - that of eliminating the problem in the future.

Women want to have their opinion validated. In a different way, so do men. People who love each other often show that love by holding their partner's feelings and points of view as highly as their own.

And finally, "If you wanna know if she loves you so," you may want to come out and ask her.

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