There are times in our lives where we forget ourselves serving others who are walking through a valley of thorns. That is good. But, life is made up of highs and lows. Sometimes we alienate ourselves from others and get ourselves caught in the current of life. At times, if there are more low rapids than high, calm streams and beautiful scenery, we can get downhearted. Exhaustion and stress steal away our strength, energy and smiles. If care is not taken, depression will be right around the corner to find its niche in our souls.

The "why" is not important. Whether you have been hurt, failed, given up, had plans fail, lost someone you thought was eternal, watched as familial health problems corroded a loved one's mind or any other difficulty; making you believe that you have no shoulder to cry on, think again. The only person not to have a shoulder to cry on was the Savior of the world. Always remember, you do.

Here are a few keys to discovering the love of the Lord in your life

1. Pray

Prayer is the bridge connecting your spirit to the divine. He knows what you need, but he wants you to discover what you need and be conscious of this. By knowing what you are looking for, you can recognize the blessing when it arrives. Be humble in seeking the Lord and recognize that you cannot do everything alone, nor do you have to. Understanding that you need divine support is an important step towards a more plentiful happiness. Remember, God will always be there to hear and help you as you ask for his help.

2. Listen

The Lord will answer your prayers. It may not be when you expect it, but he will answer in his own time. Whether he sends someone with the solution you need, a scripture read with an open heart or you perform an act of charity for someone worse off than you. Pay attention to the blessings that he places in your path. Even though the skies may look grey and dreary, you still have air to breathe, water to drink, birds, flowers, wind and the sky. Never get discouraged. Even though the answer does not arrive right away, it will come in some shape or form. If the answer is no, be humble. A "no" that comes from on high in reality means: "My son, I know what is to come. Trust me. I will lead you to something better."

3. Get closer to those who love you

Your family is always there, no matter where you go in life. It does not matter if you believe you do not know them very well. Get to know them. Listen to them and strengthen your relationship with them. Humans were not created to be alone, which is why God has given us families. Yeah, they are not perfect, but neither are you, so use this laboratory of love for the support you need to give and receive.

4. Ask for help

Often, when we are strong and are always helping others, we think that we do not need help ourselves. We tend to diminish and downplay the importance of our own problems and do not truly pay attention to our own feelings. We may think we are not being prideful, but feeling that we never need help from anybody can cost us a high price.

5. Accept help

In the same way that you help others, you, too, can receive help. It can come from people that you like and trust, or even from those you might not even know. The most important thing is to learn to receive with the same happiness and gratitude that others get when you help them. There are many people looking for the chance to feel useful, be your friend and even be a part of your life. Give them a chance. Embrace your fellow man, love them for who they are and accept what they can do for you with a grateful heart.

If you are able to open the door of communication with the Father and your neighbor through these five keys listed above, you will stop feeling alone. You will know that despite being by yourself, you will not be alone. You will discover that eternity is made of families and people that take care of each other, and those who know how to give and receive. The Lord loves you unconditionally and will put the things you need in your life in order for you to feel his love.

Translated and adapted by David Hall from the original article "Redescobrindo o amor do Senhor quando nos sentimos abandonados e sozinhos" by Chris Ayres.

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