With so many different tragedies in the world, sometimes we beg the question: "Where are you, God?" In times such as this, our faith begins to waiver, and we grow uneasy and doubtful. During such troublesome times, there are many different things you can do to act as fail-safes for your faith.

1. Ask him

One sure way to recognize God's everlasting presence is to ask him if he is there. Pray to him and ask for a sign. Just like every other relationship you have, to maintain that relationship takes sincere and genuine communication. Make time to pour out your heart and soul to him. Every prayer he hears is answered but not always in the way we expect. If you sincerely ask him to show you that he is there, he will do so in a way you can comprehend, and your relationship with your Father in Heaven will be lasting and unshaken.

2. Open your heart and mind

Our hearts and minds are often so completely overwhelmed by the tragedies and materialistic things of the world. In order to speak with God, you must open your heart unto him. But to hear him, you have to open your mind. You may not always be completely comfortable in the things God asks you to do or with the new paths he tells you to tread, but if you go willingly with an open mind and follow His guidance, there is nothing to fear. Feeling God's presence and comfort is acknowledging the bond between you as his child, and him, your Heavenly Father. His love for you is infinite and unchanging. Open your heart and your mind to feel that everlasting love.

3. Take in the world around you

Have you ever taken the time to look around? The world may have a lot tragedies overrunning the news lately, but have you ever taken a moment to look at the beautiful things that surround you each day? There are flowers flourishing, the sky is a beautiful shade of blue, and every itty bitty snowflake is delicately and intricately crafted to be completely unique from another. God put even the smallest and most beautiful details into all of his creations. Take the time to fully embrace the magnificent world he has created for his children.

4. Learn more about him

The best way to learn is through study. Study the Bible, his teachings and study the lives of faithful Christians. There are so many records and documents regarding God and his son Jesus Christ just waiting to be read and thoughtfully understood. You can learn so much through your own study or by spending time with people who have unyielding faith in God and feel his presence daily. No matter how you do it, take the time to discover more about your Father in Heaven.

5. Recognize his voice

Recognize God's voice in your life. God's voice is as gentle and soothing as it is bold and powerful. It is often overshadowed by our own thoughts of self-doubt or thoughts influence by Satan. God's voice enlightens our mind and builds us up. His voice will guide you and bring true peace to your soul. It persuades you to choose goodness over the things of the world. God's voice does not cause doubt and trouble; it is inspirational and brings comfort. Do not let the loud voices in the world overpower God's soft, benevolent words to you.

6. Never forget

Always remember where you came from and who you are. We have all witnessed remarkable things in our lives, and after the wonder and gratitude wears off, we begin to forget the times he was present when we needed him most. Keep a journal of the wonderful blessings you have received in your lifetime, and continue to ponder those blessings and the many miracles in your life and in the lives of others. Never forget that he is with you. Always. He never leaves you to fend for yourself-it is not in his nature to do so. You must make a persistent effort to speak with him and acknowledge his constant blessings and presence in your life. Communicate with him, show him gratitude and listen for his voice.

He is there. He will always be there. Nothing in the world can change that. He loves you more than words could ever express. Remember your divine identity, your life purpose, your ultimate goal, and most of all, remember that he is with you. At all times.

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