The question "why would God still love me after the mistakes I have made?" might be one of the most difficult questions every person asks themselves.

Have you ever made a mistake (or perhaps the same mistake over and over), that made you feel completely and utterly alone? There are some sins and bad decisions that eat away at you. They constantly whisper in your ear to remind you what a disgraceful human being you are. Your heart sinks when you think about how disappointed God must be.

Why do we sin?

Throughout each day, there are difficult circumstances that push our patience to the limits. We are quick to anger, we are quick to blame and we are quick to judge others. Sometimes our sins spring from a risky situation we willingly put ourselves in. Sometimes they are caused by our inability to say "no".

Even though we know what is wrong and we don't want to disappoint God, why do we choose to sin? Why do we allow ourselves to indulge in things God frowns upon? And why do we do so when we know the consequences and the feelings that will soon follow our mistakes?

The answer is simple:

We are imperfect people.

The only perfect person who was free of worldly mistakes is Jesus Christ. As God's children, we were placed on this earth to learn through trial and error to become perfect like him throughout all our endeavors.

Does God truly love sinners?


Jesus Christ suffered for each and every one of our sins. He has felt every pain, worry, sickness and every consequence of our sins. He atoned for us so we could recognize and learn from our mistakes and be forgiven.

We are here to learn to become like him, even if it means slipping along the way. Every time we sin, we become more aware of what lead to our mistake; we learn to grow, be wary of our choices and move on by asking God for forgiveness.

With each sin, we rely on our faith in God to guide us through the dark and mend our broken hearts. When we do this, we become fully aware of his love. Our relationship with God grows stronger.

Jesus Christ made the ultimate sacrifice for every single person who has ever lived on the face of the earth. Within that sacrifice was an act of unconditional and everlasting love for each of us. He understands exactly how you feel when you are suffering from sin, and because of his indescribable love, you do not have to face your mistakes alone.

Words cannot describe the pain and torment Jesus Christ endured. He did this alone so you don't have to. That act alone should reveal just how much he loves you and how no mistake (no matter how awful) will keep Jesus or God from love you.

How do we become better?

One way to better ourselves and be wary of temptation is to show compassion to others. People are so cruel to throw around careless and thoughtless judgments like confetti.

When you are quick to judge, simply remember this:

If God can love you despite your flaws and mistakes you have made, why can't you love the person who wronged you?

The world has enough negativity spread on social media. Within our daily lives, this world more kindness, understanding and patience toward others. Just like the patience and understanding God has toward you.

No matter what mistake you have made, if you turn to God and look toward the path of redemption and forgiveness, you will feel his unwavering love surround your daily life. Isaiah 1:18 says, "Though your sins may be as scarlet, they will be as white as snow."

Your scarlet sins can truly become as white as snow.

You are a child of God, and although it is easy to forget your worth at times, God never does. He sees your potential and he is there to lead you down the path to becoming the person you were destined to be. He loves you more than you can comprehend, even if you think you do not deserve it. His love for you and for all of his children is always there, unchanging and everlasting.

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