It is easy to become distracted with things that serve no lasting purpose in this life. We have jobs, financial struggles, social desires and many other things that detract our thoughts and hearts from God. However, if our goal is to live with God again, we must find a way to remain focused on what matters most.

We must obey God's commandments, regardless of what everyone else may or may not be doing. This is not always easy and often presents a trial of its own. Being rejected or excluded because you act differently than those around you can be painful. Thomas Monson, a religious leader stated, "[l]et us have the courage to defy the consensus, the courage to stand for principle. Courage, not compromise, brings the smile of God's approval .... A moral coward is one who is afraid to do what he thinks is right because others will disapprove or laugh. Remember that all men have their fears, but those who face their fears with dignity have courage as well." We need to do what is right amid the pressures around us to simply follow the crowd. As, Saint Augustine stated, "Right is right even if no one is doing it; wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it."

Focus on what matters most

In addition to following the commandments, it is important to teach our families and loved ones to stay on the right path as well. We need to help each other to live up to our potential. Things don't matter, but people do! "At the end of life we will not be judged by how many diplomas we have received, how much money we have made, how many great things we have done. We will be judged by "I was hungry, and you gave me something to eat, I was naked and you clothed me. I was homeless, and you took me in," explained Mother Teresa. We shouldn't be overly concerned with social media, work, money or other frivolous things that will not lead us to true happiness and a life dedicated to God. Give your time, your heart and your talents to help build up those around you. Accomplish good in the world by taking care of and serving others.

Do not forget to be thankful to God

Life is often hard, full of challenges and has many distractions which can make us forget to be thankful for what we have. Oprah Winfrey stated, "[b]e thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough." If we can focus more on being thankful for what we have - for what God has given us - and express gratitude in our prayers, that will make us more happy with our lives. We will be able to see God working in our lives. We will more clearly see the blessings he gives us. Leave the negative thoughts of what you perceive your life is lacking, and focus on the positive. Do not take what you have for granted. Joel Osteen said, "One of the main reasons that we lose our enthusiasm in life is because we become ungrateful ... we let what was once a miracle become common to us. We get so accustomed to his goodness it becomes a routine." Remember to be thankful, every day.

If we want to keep our goal on God, we must keep his commandments and focus on things that matter the most. We cannot become distracted by our busy lives, even in our hearts. Seeking a life with God requires a full effort in our thoughts, actions, words and in our hearts. We must push aside our own desires and instead work to serve others and have constant gratitude.

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