In a world where danger and temptation are lurking around every corner, and where the darkness and corruption of the world threatens to engulf our family members the moment they step out of the safety of the home, it is difficult to know where families can turn for the protection they need from the evils that so readily want to destroy them.

The hope comes in knowing there is light that can dispel the darkness. This light comes from drawing down the blessings of heaven on our family that they may be protected as they fight the daily battles that come from living in a darkened world.

Here are four ways you can draw down the blessings of heaven in your home.

1. Daily family prayer

 As your family kneels together to pray, every morning and every night, you will be able to call down the powers of heaven to help all of you throughout the day and to watch over you throughout the night. Your family will be strengthened and individual members will be able to feel the blessings of heaven as you carry out your daily activities. When your family incorporates prayer into your daily routine, you will find that there will be less contention and more love in your home.

2. Daily family scripture study

 When your family reads together daily from your religious text, it gives you an opportunity to discuss the things of heaven together. In order for your family to draw down the blessings of heaven, it is important that you have the things of heaven both in your minds and hearts. Daily family scripture study makes this possible. When your family's focus is on heaven, heaven's blessings will be on your family and you will be more able to withstand daily temptations.

3. Regular church attendance

 Weekly church attendance is essential to draw down the blessings of heaven on your family. Whatever religion your family embraces, regular attendance allows you to be in the company of other families who have the same standards and beliefs. Family members can build relationships with others of their faith through sharing service and testimony. This not only builds the family and community, but it strengthens the conviction of individual family members, which will in turn strengthen the family. Church attendance also allows you to participate in ceremonies and ordinances, which are valuable and essential to drawing down the blessings of heaven.

4. Service to others

 Serving others is one of the greatest actions a family can take to draw down the blessings of heaven. The world is full of many of God's children who are suffering and it is through others that he heals their wounds and brings them relief. When your family comes to the aid of one of God's suffering children, your family is literally helping God draw down the blessings of heaven for others, and in return, God will draw down the blessings of heaven for your family's sacrifice. There are many acts of service and many ways to serve. Tithes and offerings are just one example and are an important part of God's work in many religions. When your family pays tithes and offerings, you can rest assured that God will pour down the blessings of heaven upon your family.

Every family is entitled to the blessings of heaven and with these four steps, it is possible for your family to receive them. God is real, the blessings of heaven are real. As your family strives to make heaven your central focus, you will recognize that every good thing that has come into your life is a blessing from God and that heaven's blessings really do come.

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