A pregnant mother carrying twins was told one of her unborn children wouldn't make it, but she was comforted in a special way.

In a story from KWCH News in Kansas, Brittani McIntire and her husband Ian went to the hospital for the six-week sonogram where the doctors told them they would be having twins - one boy and one girl. Unfortunately, the boy had a hole in his heart and an abnormal brain. He weighed significantly less than his sister.

"He's only weighing nine ounces and his sister is over two pounds, so big size difference," Brittani told KWCH. "His only chance of survival would be heart surgery, but they wouldn't do heart surgery on him because of his brain."

But then an image captured by another sonogram showed something unexpected.

"We didn't really see much," Brittani said to KWCH. "She said there's his hand and there's her hand and it looks like they're holding hands."

The sonogram showed the boy's hand holding onto his sister's finger.

Brittani told KWCH that even though she's holding her son, she said her daughter can be there for her son in a way she wishes she could.

"She's the only one who can actually be there and holding onto him through it," Brittani said. "So it's comforting to know that if he does pass he won't be alone."

Ian told KWCH the picture is a special piece of his children together that will last forever.

"We're still going to trust in God that no matter what," Brittani said in the KWCH report. "He's been a blessing, and if he makes it then it's a huge testimony to what God can do. And if he doesn't then we have a special angel watching over us."

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