Marriage proposals seem to have taken on a life of their own because of some major creativity and planning ahead.

This one is no different - festive and planned in advance. And, super clever!

It starts like a normal annual Christmas family photo for Jamie's family. But, Tyne Owen, Jamie's boyfriend, plotted with his girlfriend's family to pull off a surprise proposal. Jamie wasn't the least bit suspicious when her family members were all wearing shirts with letters that spelled out "Merry Xmas."

What she didn't know, is that Tyne had planned with them to wear the letters and make a little change before the picture was taken. They rearranged the letters to spell out "Marry Me?" The photo was then snapped - with Tyne and Jamie sitting on the front row so Jamie wouldn't notice the letter switch.

Jamie and Tyne then go to look at the photo in the camera preview screen, when Tyne gets out the engagement ring and Jamie reads what the letters spell out - "Marry Me?". The shock, surprise, happiness and lots of tears come next as Jamie accepts Tyne's creative - and festive - proposal.

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