There's usually a lot of excitement that surrounds the impending arrival of a new baby. Family members and friends usually help with preparations and take part in the joy of new life.

But what about the

In a manner reminiscent of "Toy Story," this video shows how anxious an adorable teddy bear is for the arrival of his new friend. From the positive pregnancy test, setting up the nursery and seeing the ultrasound picture to the moment the baby arrives home, this teddy bear excitedly observes all.

In a tender moment, the teddy bear crawls into the baby's crib to meet his new friend. It's love at first sight.

The announcement of a new baby is an especially fun time for growing families, but it can also cause feelings of jealousy in older siblings - babies take a lot of time and attention. Try to keep children involved as much as possible with preparations and caring for the baby. Make sure your kids know how important they are to you and the family.

Read these tips on dealing with new-baby jealousy for some ideas on how to help smooth the transition for your children. Having a new baby isn't just a change for the mother - the whole family is affected. But, overall, the transition of bringing a new member into the family is well worth all the effort.

For another darling baby video, watch how this big sister soothes and calms her new sibling.

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