What does faithfulness mean to you? Does it allude to marriage? Does it inspire the Divine? Does it bring hope and peace? Faith can mean belief to some, and infinite strength to others. But think about what faith and faithfulness really means to you.

I grew up with a traditional, romantic definition of faithfulness. It meant commitment and loyalty to your partner. As I grew into my spiritual self, I found faithfulness inspired a sense of hope, belonging and protection from the Divine. But now, the most prevalent and powerful definition of faith actually brings me back to how I define my relationships. Well, one relationship in particular; the one with myself. So let's start at the beginning:

1. Faithfulness in relationships

Faithfulness in relationships does not just signify marital fidelity, but being faithful to friends and family, as well. This doesn't necessarily mean being on their side, especially if you find your friend or family member culpable to some extent. But more so, faithfulness in relationships means being emotionally supportive and available to them. And being vulnerable and trusting them to care for you as you care for them.

2. Faithfulness to and in your Higher Power

Having faith in your higher power means you trust in its support and shelter. You believe your best interest is in its heart, and your well-being is in its hands. But with this, being faithful to your higher power can have many meanings to you. It may mean seeking answers and guidance from your higher power above any other source. Or as your only source. This faithfulness to your higher power may allow you to look elsewhere for the guidance, comfort, peace or love. If so, feel comfortable in doing so. But know your higher power is there for you, and will eagerly accept you if you choose to return.

3. Faithfulness to yourself

Faithfulness to yourself means truly living in what you hold high, valuable, and vital to a fulfilling life. It means ensuring you provide yourself what and who you need in your life. It determines what behavior and treatment you deserve and are willing to accept from yourself and others. Faithfulness to yourself establishes a standard of integrity and holds you to it. It may be hard to uphold these standards in the face of people or circumstances that seem hell-bent on corrupting your health, happiness, and balance. Stay strong, and have faith. When the miscellaneous pieces of your life puzzle begin to fall away, and those shaped perfectly begin to manifest, all will seem right as your faith starts to materialize.

A few years ago, being faithful to myself took on an incredibly important and introspective meaning. I made a decision about my dating life that carved a difficult and lonely path to self-discovery. Although I haven't reached the summit of the mountain, I can be proud of the decisions I have made, and not made in the interim. What and who I allow into my life has shown me the respect for myself I had been lacking for so long. The results were more challenging than intended, but I can be honest and hold my head up high should anyone ask me about this area of my life. For once, I'd be happy and proud to talk about it.

Faithfulness is a journey into what is important and meaningful to you. Be it family, friends, love, marriage or the world beyond the physical, finding and living in your faith can open you up to a world once thought impossible. Bringing faith and faithfulness into your life every day will help you love what you see in the mirror, in other people, in the world, and in your own heart.

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