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Police in Carmel, Maine have confirmed the death of a 51-year-old man who died while saving his 4-year-old son after they both fell through a frozen pond. Kevin Howell was taking an early morning walk with his young son, Sawyer, when they both fell through a frozen pond near their home in Maine. Howell retrieved his son from the freeing water and told him to run home to get his mother's help. The boy ran home and alerted his mother, Katie Howell. Officials say she called 911 immediately and rushed to rescue her husband. When Katie reached him with an anchor and rope, she, too, fell through the ice. When authorities arrived, a deputy began crawling across the ice with a rope. They were able to pull Katie to shore safely, but were not able to find Howell. Divers later found his body in the pond later that afternoon.

Kevin Howell was "a stand-out guy" according to Daniel Frye, town resident and chairman of the board of Selectmen. "That's why he was such a perfect person for that town manager role. He always wanted to make the town better," Frye told the Portland Press Herald. The small town of Carmel, Maine are devastated over the loss of Howell. According to the town website, the Howell's moved to Carmel in 2014. Carmel is home to less than 3,000 residents about 16 miles west of Bangor. "He came in and brought the community together," Frye told the Press Herald. "His death is a big loss for the town."

As town manager, Howell was responsible for oversight and management of the town departments. He was recognized in 2018 for his exceptional efforts to improve the town's recycling program. In 2020, Howell was recognized for his bold innovation as a public administrator. According to the town's website, Kevin Howell enjoyed woodworking, various winter sports, expanding his family hobby farm and whipping up meals for his friends and family.

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