Fathers are superheroes disguised as businessmen, mechanics and college students. This Father's Day surprise your super hero. With a little planning and preparation you can make Father's Day a day to remember for dad and the entire family.

Here are some creative ideas for kids and moms to create

Little Angel Treasure Box

When your little darlings are too small to actually make something for daddy, they may need a hand. A hand in plaster is perfect. Gather photos, little hand prints, locks of hair, baby shoes, and other treasures like their first drawing then make dad a treasure box that is desktop worthy. It will become something your little angel and daddy will pull out every year, or add to as time passes. Our family treasure boxes become more priceless as time passes.

Scavenger hunt by text

Let your kids help you take a series of photos with your cell phone in your local area. Take a picture of the final destination, print it and cut it into a puzzle.

When the time is right, send dad and kids on a fake errand. The kids will be clued in and giggly. Then send dad a text promising a reward if he can follow the clues. Send him the series of text photos. Hide (badly) a puzzle piece from the picture of the final destination at each spot. Then set up dad's party and wait for the giggles and fun to come to you!

Dad's Favorite Day

Have the kids help you find out dad's favorite things, including:

  • Favorite color.

  • Favorite sports team.

  • Favorite food.

  • Favorite music and song.

  • Favorite style of clothes.

  • Favorite game.

  • Favorite hobby or sport.

Then, as a family, dress in dad's favorite color or team gear, and wake him up with his favorite breakfast. Follow that with his favorite hobby or game and lunch. Play his favorite music all day long watch movies and let him know you know him and see him. Most of all let him know you love all the quirky little things about him.

Dad - "This is your Life" or funniest home video

There are several simple programs for making a home movie. Compile video, or spend time capturing some great moments like:

  • Morning scripture study and family prayer.

  • Dad exercising.

  • Dad participating in his favorite hobby like fishing or baseball.

  • Dad taking a nap.

  • Dad changing diapers.

Compile your videos into a fun program and present it on Father's Day with popcorn and an emcee. Give dad an Oscar Award at the end. You can give your children a copy for their treasure box or scrapbook.

Mustache Mania

. If dad sports a mustache honor him by sporting a mustache, yourself. In fact, the entire family can sport mustaches. Wait until you see your baby girl in a mustache. Make a photo series for dad and call it the many mustaches of papa. Put up a series of pictures of dad's mustaches over the years.

Kidnapping dad

Let the kid's help you wake up dad and kidnap him. Blindfold him and take him to a pancake breakfast at his favorite restaurant. We like to take the willing victim out on the beach for a midnight bonfire and Grandma Bev's brownies. Don't forget the camera!

Perfect family photo for dad's desk

Take either a beautiful or silly photo for dad's desk at work. Frame it and surprise him by sneaking it onto his desk with his favorite treat. Anyone can take an amazing photo with a little help from a friend. Dress everyone in the same colored shirt and jeans or pants and go to a park or pretty location. Have a friend shoot a series of pictures of you and the kids. Choose one and frame it. An inexpensive wooden frame becomes priceless when kids sign their names on the wood. Silly photos are also fun. We have a local photo shop that specializes in old-fashioned photos. I happen to love a family photo that includes 19 nieces and nephews sporting mustaches like their grandfather.

Breakfast in Bed with a twist:

Wake dad up and take him to the beach or his favorite fishing hole for breakfast in bed. Set up a silly air mattress bed and serve him breakfast. Don't let him change out of his pajamas! The kids will love it. If you love dad buy him new pajamas before the party.

Wash dad's car at work

Surprise dad by sneaking his car away while he is at work. Wash his car and return it with a note and some of his favorite gum, air freshener and candy.

Father's Day serenade

Practice a silly song, or dad's favorite song. Surprise him at work or Father's Day morning with a special serenade.

Father's Day can be more fun when kids are involved in the planning. Anything that shows dad he is loved will create a memory that will last long beyond the experience. Children learn the importance of acts of kindness and love when they can participate. Include your children and plan to have fun this Father's Day.

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