Finding your faith again can be challenging, but you know it is important. After you have felt the spirit again, you are ready to act. The problem is, you've been in your comfort zone so long that you know how frightening it will be to move on. You know that you need to leave your present circumstances, whatever they may be:

  • Addictions

  • Dangerous relationships

  • Unnecessary drama

  • The inability to cope with the everyday stresses

  • Being lost in music, television, books to the point that you can no longer function normally

You have repented, prayed, listened and received the escape plan. You've studied it thoroughly. You feel apprehensive, but ready. However, when you make a move, you see that the pathway out is not very well lit. There is a bright light at the end, but you have just moved into it and have begun to doubt that it is there.

Persevere. Continue. Don't back down. You may have to grope around in the darkness for a time, but the light is there. You will see it soon.

I used to live in Pittsburgh and Baltimore and they both have these incredibly long tunnels. In Pittsburgh, they go through mountains. In Baltimore, they go under water. Neither was very comforting to me. I am a severe claustrophobic. I have crippling anxiety even thinking about going through a tunnel. Having spent years avoiding them and wasting copious amounts of gasoline and time trying to navigate around them, I finally determined to overcome the evil darkness. I armed myself by praying. I was ready. I entered my first tunnel, heart racing, unable to see the opening at the other end. The cars slowed down and I thought I would die. This was all a joke. There is no end to this tunnel. It is a cruel joke on Becky Lyn. At this point, there was no option. Both lanes were packed bumper to bumper. Traffic continued crawling. I continued palpitating and praying. Just as I thought I might completely lose it from the anxiety, I saw a tiny beam of light. It grew and as it grew, my fears fled. I felt strong. Through prayer, I had made it.

The next time I had to travel through a tunnel, I still had sweaty palms, but I eventually got to the point where I laughed my way through them.

The same goes with stepping out into the darkness of unfulfilling behavior and mindsets. It's going to be dark. It's going to be scary. With the Lord on your side, it will also be possible. You may have to fumble around for a while before you see the light, but once you do, if you continue to move toward it, it will get brighter and larger until you are in the sun once again, enjoying the constant companionship of the spirit.

You will get stronger. You will one day be able to forget that awful place that you once were. The Light of Christ will shine on you and make you unafraid.

Once you have come to this step, understand that all may not be a bed of roses. There will be temptations and a crisis from time to time, but you must continue to believe.

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