Easter is just around the corner and with it comes all sorts of excitement and fun. Easter is a magical time when you're a kid. The thought of a magical Easter Bunny who comes and leaves Easter eggs for you to find and who also leaves you small presents is beyond exciting. In addition to all the Easter magic, the weather is also getting warmer so your child gets to spend more time outside having fun running, jumping and climbing - which only adds to the magic and excitement.

As a parent, you want to do your best to add to the excitement and magic that your child is already feeling this time of year. But it can be hard. Aside from coloring Easter eggs and going on egg hunts, it's hard to think of other things to do that will excite your child or create as much fun. Below are four fun Easter activities to do with your family that are sure to impress and will also add to the magic that they are already feeling.

1) Go on a Spring-time Scavenger Hunt

Spring (and Easter) is about celebrating new life. When you're a child, there are few things more exciting than watching a flower bloom or watching a chicken hatch from an egg. (Remember that incubator in Kindergarten)? You can capture that magic through a picture scavenger hunt with your kids. Go on a walk with your kids to the green space or park near you and take pictures of all the new life you see.

Take pictures of flowers blooming, baby birds in trees, butterfly cocoons, etc. See who can take the most pictures. Then when you get home, put them all on your computer and make a slide show to watch while eating popcorn or another yummy snack.

2) Town Easter Egg Hunt

Easter egg hunts are always fun. Instead of just doing a small one with your kids in the backyard (which isn't so fun if you have older children). Take them to a city park for an Easter egg hunt. Because it's at a park there will be a lot of other children which only adds to the competition and excitement. And because the hunt is at a park, there are a lot more places to hide the eggs which makes it more fun if you have older children who get bored at a back yard egg hunt.

3) Attend a Worship Service

The Easter Bunny is fun and exciting - especially when you're a kid. But remember that Easter wasn't originally about the Easter Bunny. Even if you don't follow a particular faith, taking your children to a worship service can be a cultural experience for them and broaden their thoughts beyond the superficial Easter presents and egg hunts.

Telling your children you're going to church may not sound like a lot of fun to them, but it's a cultural experience that they'll remember. And even if you don't follow a particular faith, making memories with your family will help your children have an Easter experience they'll remember.

4) Do an Easter craft with the whole family

Your family always has fun decorating Easter eggs, so why not continue the fun with even more family crafts? You can decorate your Easter baskets, make fun Easter snacks, etc. Even your older children can get involved and have fun decorating and creating fun things. A simple Internet search will help you find all sorts of fun crafts. And family sites like spoonful.com have lots of fun ideas for crafts and snacks for families.

Easter is a perfect time to celebrate new beginnings, with the appearance of spring bursting forth in the form of flowers and baby animals and new traditions to share with your family.

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