We've all seen them. They are playing tea party in a tiny wedding dress. They are overly competitive at dance competitions. They are wrestling for Barbies on Black Friday. These are daddies who are wrapped around their little girl's finger.

Take dads like this one, who posted pictures of the five matching outfits he shares with his daughter on Reddit.com. The photos promptly went viral. Now, most of the world is looking at this dad in a purple unicorn shirt. He's not embarrassed. He will do whatever it takes to make his little sunshine smile.

There are plenty of examples of great dads across the Internet. This video shows one dad who taught his daughter the duet "Mahna mahna." The title of the video is, "My Greatest Achievement."

Dads can have a powerful impact on their daughter, even when no one else can get through to them. What makes a girl think she can find someone better than her boyfriend? What makes a little girl smile and proudly announce that she's a "daddy's girl?"

A great dad.

Like many of you, I have one of those great dads. Although, I wouldn't admit it in high school, my dad could make the grumpy teenage version of me laugh even on the worst day which was quite the feat.

Last year, I met someone that reminded me of my dad more than anyone ever has. His kindness, work ethic, and sense of humor were infectious. When I brought this "someone" home as my boyfriend, my dad was apprehensive about his little girl growing up. Later, when I got married to that special someone, my daddy danced with me at my reception. He told me he was proud of my choices and would always love me.

My story isn't unique. There are many great dads out there helping their daughters feel beautiful every day. Sometimes, it can be hard to connect with your little girl. Maybe, you don't share the same hobbies. Perhaps, you argue with your daughter. Or, she's a grumpy teen. Regardless of your situation, your daughter loves you and needs your love back. Any dad can be great - you just have to give yourself the chance. Here are a few basic ideas to excel into "Super Daddy" status.

  • Find out your daughter's hobbies and learn along with her. Whether she loves oil painting or soccer, you can be a great mentor for your princess.

  • Daddy-Daughter dates. Because nothing says "I love you" more than two scoops of ice cream.

  • Don't be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. Who knows, maybe your duet will go viral on YouTube.

  • Express love for your daughter, especially when she's feeling down or after disciplining her for breaking the rules.

Above all, enjoy the time with your daughter. Time goes by so fast. Before you know it, you'll be walking her down the aisle. Just don't wear the purple unicorn shirt.

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