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Heather Graham, 53, recently opened up in a new interview with People about her decision to not have children, saying she feels "free." The actress explained that having children was not meant for her by saying, "I think we all have different paths. You just have to embrace the one that you're on. If, somehow, I had had kids, I'm sure that would've been cool. But at the moment, not having kids, I do feel free. And I get a lot of sleep. That is pretty great."

Graham opened up about her stance to not have children, saying it can be difficult at times due to the fact that it is not often seen in society today. "I do feel like, as a woman, culturally, you're not allowed to say, 'I didn't want to have kids.' Because it's like, 'What's wrong with you?'" she explained. "I think as a man it's like, 'Oh yeah, cool, you didn't want to have kids.' Now, women are getting more free to just make their own choices." The "Boogie Nights" actress believes, "If you're meant to have kids, you have kids." She added that if you're not meant to have kids, "the universe gives you someone or something to nurture."

"I don't feel that I'm missing anything," she said. "I do sometimes feel like my projects are little kids; I have started to get more involved in producing and writing and directing." The actress told People that she is currently planning on turning Liane Moriarty's book, "Hypnotist's Love Story" into a television show, saying "It's hard, but it's super fulfilling. It's really exciting to want to tell a story that you really care about."

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