Finding your forever person is no easy task, but it is possible ... especially if you look for certain qualities. There are particular qualities that you can look for in a person that will help you know if he is your perfect match or not. Oh, and just remember - he may not be perfect at the following six qualities, but as long as he's trying, he is your forever person.

1. He puts others first

A true gentleman is someone who puts others first. Whether it's stopping to help a car pulled over on the side of the road or spending Christmas morning feeding the homeless, someone who serves others with no thought of reward is someone who you want to keep around forever. A person like this values humankind, is happy when others are happy, and has a deep kindness for others.

2. He forgives easily

We all make mistakes, so finding someone who understands that and forgives easily is important. Does it mean you will never fight or get angry? No. It simply means you both understand that you don't always see eye-to-eye, but being able to move on, overcome arguments and forgive each other is how you will stay together forever.

3. He stays humble

In life, sometimes there are highs and sometimes there are lows. Staying humble through it all is a sign of a truly good person. It's easy to let worldly things become more important than family and humility - you probably know lots of people who focus on getting bigger house and a nicer car, instead of focusing on appreciating what's really important.

Being able to stay grounded (no matter what is going on in your life) shows a person's true character. There is nothing wrong with being successful, but easily forgetting about things like humility, gratitude, family and friends isn't a quality you want in your forever person.

4. He lets you love him

Someone who welcomes you into their life, learns to lean on you, asks you for help and allows you to be there for them is someone you can spend forever with. Far too often people are too proud to ask for help. They don't like to show their needs because they feel it's a sign of weakness, but a relationship will never last unless you can both be open with each other.

5. He makes you a priority

In order for him to be your forever person, he has to put you first. Above work, friends, kids, parents and everything else in his life. That doesn't mean he forgets who he is or becomes obsessed with you, just that he realizes you are his priority, just as he is yours. Your forever person will do things he doesn't like to do just for you, be willing to make compromises and will want to make you happy.

6. He gets you

Most of all he has to get you. He has to understand your quirks and love you for them. He has to know when to push you and when to encourage. And, he has to understand your values and who you are. If he gets you, then he will be more understanding of your mistakes, more supportive of your goals and work with you, not against you.

All of these qualities are not only true for him but should apply to you as well. If you are humble, kind, make him a priority and strive to be the best person for him, then you both will will learn to bend, grow and help each other through this crazy life.

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