Some events in life give us sharper focus on what's important and matters most.

Golfer Jason Day recalls how his mother struggled to support her family after cancer took her husband. Jason was only 12 years old. He remembers his mother cutting the lawn with a knife because they couldn't afford a lawn mower, boiling water in a kettle to bathe and shopping at thrift stores for clothing, according to a recent ESPN article.

As Day struggled after his father's death, his mom, Dening, sent him to a golf academy by borrowing money from family and taking out a second mortgage. As a result of his training, he became a PGA champion - number one in the world.

However, during a recent championship, Day walked off the golf course after playing only six holes.

In a tearful interview afterward, Day explained that he couldn't focus on golf because his mother was diagnosed with cancer and had twelve months to live. He wants to be there for his mom; she's the reason he's playing golf today, he explained. "Family is first. It's just a hard time."

Losing a parent is not easy, let alone both. And Dening is clearly a mother who has sacrificed much for the well-being of her son.

How do you repay the woman who not only brought you into this world, but also gave all she could to help you succeed in life?

You can't repay your mom for all she's done, but you can:

  • be gracious for what she's done

  • recognize her sacrifices

  • visit and call her often

  • love her

  • work hard to do your best and be your best self

  • focus on what's important

  • take care of her when she needs you

Despite everything going on in our lives, there are moments that make us re-focus on the things (usually people) that matter most. What good is money, fame or other successes if we have no one to share it with? Our loved ones make life enjoyable and worth all the hard times we endure. When the end of our life comes, we will not wish we had worked more, kept a cleaner house or wasted more time doing unimportant things, we will wish we had more time to spend with those we love.

Make the decision to live your life to the fullest by cherishing your loved ones and making memories together. Don't regret missed opportunities and moments passed by.

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