A negative pregnancy test might be a sigh of relief for some - but for a woman trying hard to have a baby, it's a sign of yet another failed month. Just that little negative symbol has the power to muster out tears, frustrations and pain.

The desire to be a mother is innate, and for some of us, we've wanted to be a mom ever since rocking our plastic baby dolls to sleep in our tiny rocking chairs. But the wait for a baby doesn't have to be all despair. It can be a rewarding time of preparation.

Prepare your body

. Make light to moderate exercise a part of your daily routine and keep at an ideal weight. Improving your exercise and your diet improves fertility. Stay away from alcohol, tobacco and caffeine. Avoid fishes that contain mercury as well as processed meats. Including prenatal vitamins into your daily diet and making sure to get lots of folic acid will also help your chances of conceiving, as well as boost the health of your baby during its first development stages.

Prepare your home

Many first-time parents have told me this is the one thing they wished they had put more time into before the baby came along. Spend time really developing the relationship you have with your significant other and creating a home that will be suitable and warm for a little one. This may include the establishment of routines, such as nightly dinners at the table. Whatever it is that brings you and your loved one together and creates an atmosphere of peace and love in the home is something that needs to be cemented long before the baby comes into the picture.

Get educated and take the proper steps

For first time moms, it's hard to know exactly what to do when having trouble conceiving. You want to find out the pros and cons of different options for growing your family, such as In-Vitro Fertilization or adoption. Most doctors advise first-time couples to try for a year or more before seeking medical help. When the time does come to reach out for fertility help, or if you need questions answered before that, sit down with your doctor and discuss the proper steps toward conception. Ovulation kits, menstrual calendars, and many online resources can also help you in your journey toward becoming a mom.

Be patient

It's a hard word for all of us to swallow. When it comes to trying to have a baby, time seems to slow down and you may feel like you're less of a woman. That's not true. Worrying about conceiving a child won't make it happen any faster, so trust timing and immerse yourself in de-stress activities, such as yoga, meditation or simply time out with girl friends. When you let the burden go of trying for a child and just look forward to it with positivity and anticipation, the day you've been looking forward to since rocking your doll in your 5-year-old arms WILL arrive. You may not believe it now - but this waiting game WILL be worth it.

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