As time goes by, I have learned that we cannot make people love us. However, we can help strengthen their feelings.

First of all, what does a man find attractive in a woman? We will never have a set answer to this question. Each man is different. Some men love blonde women while other men feel attracted to red-headed women. That is why there is no right answer.

We, as wives, understand how important it is to protect the relationship and to keep love's flame alive.

After asking questions to several married friends, and based on my own experience on the topic, I have concluded that there are eight great tips to help your husband remember how much he loves you, and to help him recognize that he is married to the woman of his dreams.

Here are some tips that may apply to your situation:

1. Reliving your courtship

This is the time to relive your courtship. While you were dating, you probably tried to make a good impression with your spouse in order to keep him interested in you. Can you recall talking nonstop for hours? Don't hesitate to read your journals together, or reread the letters you sent to each other. This is a great opportunity to relive and remember the special moments that you have shared.

2. Personal grooming

When your spouse comes home, we can make a greater effort to welcome him from work. For example, we can brush our teeth, take a shower, wear clean clothes, put on some perfume and lipstick. We don't need expensive clothing or to spend money on facial creams and make up.

3. Developing the right attitude

We must develop the right attitude by smiling and being kind to our spouse. When you have seen models on TV or in magazines that seem to own the world, you might have asked yourself how can they look gorgeous and feel confident with their body? It is a matter of developing the right attitude. Models believe they are beautiful, and you can believe it, too.

4. Increasing your self-esteem

Your feelings reflect on your appearance. Are you a happy person? If so, then show it. You have a loving spouse and a wonderful family. You must make it evident that you are proud of being a wife and a mother to your children. All of us are unique, and each woman is beautiful in her own way. Show this by your words and actions. Never doubt how beautiful you are.

5. Flirting

Why should a woman stop flirting with her spouse? A look or a smile speaks louder than a thousand words.

6. Spoiling

You can spoil your spouse by doing simple things such as cooking his favorite meal, surprise him with a small gift and watch his favorite movie. Remember: Small and simple actions can make a big difference.

7. Setting aside time

It is very important to set aside time for your spouse. Try to have a date once a week or at least once a month. He will remember how much he loves you when you are in a relaxed environment enjoying his company. Moreover, it helps to strengthen your relationship. Now is the time to hire a babysitter.

8. Eliminating routines

Daily routines spoil fun relationships. Try new looks and new activities that you both like. Your imagination is the limit.

Always remember the individual worth you have as a woman. Never allow the media or people around you to tell you otherwise. Your spouse loves you for who you are, although sometimes he may forget simple details. Love yourself for being a woman and a human being. I promise, you are going to make your spouse the happiest man and he will be proud for being married to you.

*Translated and adapted by Anders Peterson from the original article "Cómo volver a ser la mujer de tus sueños" by Ruth Huppe

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