Having good grooming habits is critical for individuals at any age. It can affect your social interactions, your romantic relationships and even your career opportunities. August 16 is Men's Grooming Day. This day encourages men to improve their appearance and spruce up their grooming. However, it isn't just men that need this little reminder. Proper grooming is something that affects every individual, male and female. But, instilling these important habits into your child's routine can be tough. Here are five ways that you can encourage good grooming habits in your home.

Make it a priority

To instill good hygiene habits in your family, you must make it a priority. You have to work on these habits each day and you must be diligent. If you frequently skip days, your children will not value the importance of proper hygiene and may feel it is something they can do whenever they like. Work hard at making it a daily habit. Have your children bathe, brush their hair, brush their teeth, etc. before they can go out and play.


Teach your children the importance of good grooming habits. Teach them how to take care of themselves and the difference between good and poor grooming. You are the person who they spend each day with. Teach them how to properly brush their teeth, wash their hair, shave and more. These lessons are most effective when they come from parents.

Set an example

The best way to encourage good grooming habits is to set an example. Take the time each day to groom yourself. Shower, style your hair, brush your teeth and do everything you need to do to get ready in the morning. And while you get ready, let your children watch you. Let them see how important proper hygiene is in your own life. When your children see that you value proper hygiene, they will most likely feel the same way.

Start while they are young

The best time to teach children good grooming is while they are young. When young, getting dressed by yourself, brushing your teeth and styling your hair are tasks that big kids do. Your young children want to do exactly what their parents and older siblings do. If you start teaching these habits while your children are young, they will be more willing and excited to work on their hygiene. You will also have a much easier time to instill these habits in their life.

Create games

If getting your children to practice good hygiene is a fight each day, try making it into a game. Sing songs while you get ready or set a timer and see who can brush their teeth the longest or who can wash their entire body before the timer dings. You can even make it a learning activity and ask them to brush their hair 20 times, which will also help them learn their numbers. There are dozens of games and activities that you can create to excite them about good hygiene. And when they are excited, they are more willing to work on their good habits and improve their appearance.

Good grooming habits are crucial for everyone and these habits start in the home. It is important you encourage these habits as soon as possible. By applying these five suggestions into your family's life, you may see your children become more willing and anxious to work on their hygiene.

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