For some people, the last month of pregnancy seems to slow the passage of time down to a crawl. Mom gets more and more uncomfortable, and the anticipation for seeing and holding that new baby grows to the point where it's nearly unbearable.

How can you make these last four weeks enjoyable instead of a marathon waiting session?

1. Remember that although it's going to be so wonderful to have the baby in your arms, there are things to savor and enjoy about this stage too. Recognize and appreciate the unique closeness you feel with your baby now. Pregnancy is a special time, and believe it or not, there are things about it that you will miss.

2. Realize that even though you feel uncomfortable, there are many things that will be much harder to do once the baby is here. Just stepping out of the house will suddenly become more complicated. Going to a movie, for example, will be next to impossible for the first little while. Shopping will either involve babysitting or a huge process of car seats, buckling and unbuckling straps, and lugging baby gear everywhere you go. So take in a movie if you're in the mood, and notice how easy it is to "babysit" your little one while he or she is still inside.

3. Try not to watch the calendar. Be ready two weeks before, but then try not to focus on the dates as they come and go. If the baby doesn't come until the due date or after, try to enjoy having a little more time to nest and prepare.

4. You'll have more doctor visits, so take advantage of that time with the doctor to make sure all your questions are answered and that you feel prepared for the birth.

5. Enjoy a month of being extra kind to yourself and having the best built-in excuse for taking it easy. Now is not the time for heavy, strenuous cleaning, and you don't have to feel a bit guilty about neglecting chores.

6. Write in your journal about your hopes and feelings at this stage of pregnancy. Later, when the baby arrives and things have gotten much more hectic, you'll be glad you that recorded how you felt.

7. Find a book that you're excited to read. If you have trouble sleeping, you may enjoy being able to pick up a good book to help you unwind. You might also find it helpful during the day to take a reading break. Put your feet up for a minute and just relax.

It's hard to wait, but remind yourself that most of your pregnancy is behind you now. Soon you'll have a new baby in your arms, and life will never be quite the same.

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