When a family member suffers from any form of injury due to a car accident, there are feelings of confusion and anxiety. As family, it is important to provide the necessary support. It doesn't matter how minor or how severe the injuries are, the member of your family will need emotional and physical support.

Several years back, a few of my family members were involved in a car accident. Everyone but my sister managed to survive the incident without any injuries. My sister suffered back injuries and trauma. Her children and her husband assisted her every step of the way. The kids cleaned the entire house as oppose to only their rooms. Her husband cooked dinner every night and joined her during the therapy sessions for emotional support. They spent hours discussing what happened.

The supporting process may be challenging, but it is essential to provide the support no matter what. Below are four suggestions on how to help your family member after a car accident.

Discuss the accident

. Sometimes car accident victims do not feel comfortable discussing the incident, but it is advisable to sit down as a family and go through all the details. The reason behind discussing the incident is to accept what happened and find closure. It's not healthy to keep the fears or guilt inside. Talking with your children or spouse is a good form of emotional therapy.

Assist with household chores

. If the injured person happens to be a parent and there are children old enough to assist around the house, ask them to share the household duties such as cleaning the house, cooking, laundry or helping a younger sibling with homework.

Attend physical therapy with the injured person

. Offer to drive him to therapy and remain with him in the facility while he undergoes the therapy session. The person will feel a sense of comfort knowing a family member is with him.

Encourage the injured relative to drive again

. After a full recovery from the injuries, encourage the person to drive again. My sister was nervous about driving for a while - especially in the area where the car accident occurred. She felt a sense of fearfulness. However, with the help of her family, she was able to overcome her anxiety and drive again with poise.

If possible, drive through the place of the accident so the person can regain confidence. Suggest going along for the ride as a form of emotional support. Sometimes that will help boost the person's confidence.

For the most part, external injuries heal quickly, but the internal injuries in a person after a car accident can remain for a significant amount of time. Therefore, provide encouragement and motivation. Let your family member know they are not alone and that they have the ability to conquer this horrific situation.

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