Arrogance is a characteristic that can damage and destroy relationships. An arrogant person is one who is self-centered, overbearing and domineering. She must be right at all times, and no matter what you say, she will argue with you. Here are some other characteristics that can destroy a relationship.

When a family member possesses this undesirable trait, it can make attending family events a horrible experience. It can be exhausting, overwhelming and frustrating trying to get along with someone who is self-centered and who must always be right. However, this individual is family, and you can learn to love him or her. Below are a few suggestions for how to handle arrogant family members.

Analyze the situation

Most arrogant individuals have underlying factors that cause their self-centered and egotistical behavior. According to Personality and Spirituality, arrogance involves five chief components.

  1. Early negative experiences.
  2. Misconceptions about the nature of self, life or others.
  3. A constant fear and sense of insecurity.
  4. A maladaptive strategy to protect the self.
  5. A persona to hide all of the above in adulthood.

Before you spend an excessive amount of time with this family member or as you try to strengthen your relationship, analyze the situation. What experiences or events may contribute to your family member's behavior? When you begin to really know and learn about a person, it becomes easier to accept his flaws and truly love him.

Don't always agree

Many arrogant individuals always have to be right. It seems even if they know little about the topic, their comments, their thoughts, are always correct. When communicating with your family member, do not feel like you have to agree. You do not need to be afraid of your feelings and beliefs because of your family member's behavior. Treat this difficult family member like any other individual.


If your family member's arrogance becomes too overwhelming, communication is needed. Sit down and let him or her know you do not appreciate his arrogance. Point out his behavior. In some situations, your family member may not even realize what he or she is doing and saying. However, always remember arrogance isn't something that can be changed overnight. Be patient and appreciative of the small improvements you see.

Don't take comments personally

Many arrogant individuals have self-esteem issues. Because of these feelings, comments may be directed toward you that are harsh and inappropriate. You may be negatively compared to family members or your weaknesses may be loudly proclaimed. When these things are said, brush them aside. Remember who it is making the comment. Also, don't be afraid to stick up for yourself and tell a family member when a comment is inappropriate. She may feel it is necessary to bully you to improve her own self-esteem.

Arrogance is not something that can be handled lightly. It can be hard for everyone to spend time around an arrogant individual. However, action can be done to help improve this unwanted behavior.

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