We live in a world where so many voices are vying for our attention. No matter where we are, there are voices around us demanding to be heard. But the truth is, we don't have to listen to them. If we listen with our heart, we can tune out all those worldly voices and tune in to the only voice that matters, God's voice.

Tuning your heart to God isn't as difficult as it seems. In music, to tune an instrument, a tuning fork is required that is tuned to the melody you want to sing. In a symphony, it is the job of the tuning fork to establish one note that everyone can tune to.

If life were a symphony, prayer would be the tuning fork and God's voice would be the note. Prayer tunes our heart to God and allows us to hear his voice and to sing his melody.

Prayer is not just a one way communication, but often we struggle to hear what God is saying. Here are seven steps we can take to make prayer a two-way communication with God.

These steps will allow us to tune our heart to hear His voice.

1. Begin with gratitude

Thank God for all the blessings he has given you. Thank him for his counsel and the opportunity to hear his voice. Thank Him for speaking to you, even before you hear his voice.

When you begin with a thankful heart, it shows God that you are grateful for the things he has already given you so that he will be willing to give you what you desire.

2. Show Humility

Be humble. Express to God that you know in your strength, you are weak, but in him, you can do all things.

Acknowledge his hand in your life and recognize to God that you would not be where you are without him. Humility brings strength and power because it shows God you are willing to rely on his power rather than your own strength.

3. Repent

Even though you may not have huge sins, ask God to forgive you of all those things that keep you from feeling him in your life.

Because we are mortal, we all have weaknesses that we must overcome before we are perfected and can live with him in heaven.

Repent daily. Even if you can't think of anything to repent of, repent anyway. We may not know all the diverse ways Satan has lied to us. Repentance is a beautiful gift Jesus gave us. Use it.

4. Dispel darkness

In the name of Jesus Christ, ask God if he will cast out all darkness that surrounds you. It is difficult to hear God's voice if you have Satan's voice speaking sweetly to you in the other ear.

If you want to make sure it's God's voice you're hearing, get rid of the other voices that are trying to fill your mind. It is only through invoking Christ's name that you have the power to dispel darkness.

5. Call down light

Ask God to fill your heart, your mind, and your home with his light. Ask for his angels to surround you and protect you.

Filling your home with light is easier than you may think. Play inspired music, music that praises God, before you begin your prayer. Read scriptures, or serve someone. Your home will have a greater measure of light as you actively seek goodness.

6. Stop and listen

When I come before God in prayer, I often come with a notebook and a pen so that I can write down the words and impressions that come to my mind when I stop and listen.

Sometimes, I will even address the page to myself, and write as if I am receiving a letter from God. You will be amazed at how easily the words flow, as God speaks to you.

7. Arise Early

If you truly want to hear God's voice, wake up early to pray, before the day is crowded with other voices.

It is while all the Earth slumbers, in the quiet still hours of the morning, that you will hear God's voice the clearest. As you are willing to sacrifice your own sleep to commune with God, you will be rewarded by hearing his voice.

God is our Father, and he longs to speak to his children. As we tune our hearts to his voice in prayer, he will come to us and speak peace to our soul.

Believe in God and believe in his desire to speak to you. Come before him in faith, nothing doubting, and the heavens will open before you. As you do these things, you will truly come to know the voice and mind of your Father in Heaven.

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